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By Kiyaurie Hawkins


Mr. Lamarr Thomas is stampeding into 2018 with CEO flavor! His group, “Young Rich Teens,” is filled with 156 talented, energetic, and musically inclined children from all cultures and backgrounds who reside deep within the poverty communities of our Dallas Metroplex. Business owner Lamarr Harris channels in on each team member’s talent and only brings out the most exceptional.


Lamarr Harris stays on duty twenty four seven, seven days a week, dedicating his life and love to the one and only, “Young Rich Teens.” “Young Rich Teens” was founded two years ago in 2015. Lamarr has since then created youthful power by merging and colliding each child’s talents into several phenomenal showcases that show top-notch creativity and dedication.


With practice every Wednesday and Saturday, Lamarr keeps a tight grip on his member’s academics, discipline, and overall success. His mission is quite simple, “success at home, success in school, and success in the group.” Lamar’s key goal is to help each child find a healthy focus as they balance their lives in this world. His managerial team loves to embrace youth who desire continuous growth and change. Whether it be music, dance, arts and crafts, or even occupational courses designed specifically in preparing your child for their career of choice. Mr. Lamarr Harris keeps a strong curriculum and high standard that is phenomenally achievable for all youth.


When it comes to funding the “Young Rich Teens,” Lamarr goes out with his youth and parents to sell handmade care packages which are distributed all across the Dallas metroplex from door to door. As grants applications are completed and submitted, Lamarr is able to provide rented uniforms for all of his team’s performances from the collection of donations he receives. Handled with care, the youth respect the right to don the uniforms he and his managerial team work hard to produce.


The children are now preparing for 2018 with a musical play called “Pain Ends with Pleasure.” Mr. Lamarr Harris’ quite ecstatically explained the importance of this up and coming musical, and reminded us all of the hard work and dedication that “Young Rich Team” is putting in as we speak. “Pain Ends with Pleasure,” is an intriguing story of an African American pastor with six children whose distinct personalities become manifest as the play progresses. The father of the house becomes a serious hypocrite, battling, and fighting against his on word and the word of God. Within the heart of the storm, each sibling  faces their own challenge. Cold tragedies such as murder, homicide, and situations of physical abuse strike and burn this torn family. With everyone running around questioning God and existence, this family is forced to make a decision, to depart from each other, or to come together. “Young Rich Teens” are expected to perform this three hour production in February for Black History Month and will be touring all month long throughout the Dallas Metroplex. “This musical was performed by us last year as well. Pain Ends with Pleasure was only one hour long last year, now for 2018, we’re coming with more descriptive scenes, a twistful plot, and much more powerful music,” stated the C.E.O. Lamarr Harris.

Between practices, Lamarr is never off the clock. Lamarr began to describe the many struggles and obstacles that face him and his group daily. “Nothing comes easy, I grew up in St. Louis Missouri where my mother challenged me to be the best. My mother’s high standards gave me confidence, when it came time to sing, I gave it my all.” Mr. Lamarr Harris vividly explained that his desire to work with children comes straight from the soul. “There was a young man who ran away recently due to academic stress, I immediately began to search for this young man and was able to get him back home safely. I explained to the boy’s mother that I could help. Not only did we see growth academically, his new confidence level was unbelievable.” When it comes to children, It takes confidence, consistency, and practice to shape and form those diamonds in the rough.