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HOUSTON – Over a year after its choir’s historic trip to Washington D.C. to perform a holiday concert for guests at the White House, Wiley College is still abuzz about the once in a lifetime experience.

The A Cappella Choir of Wiley College performed an afternoon concert at the White House. And while singing in the most famous house in the world was an honor for the students, they were equally honored to meet President and Mrs. Barack Obama.

Traveling to our nation’s capitol to sing at the White House is an experience our students will always cherish,” said Tammy Taylor, Wiley’s Director of Public Relations. “And while I can’t describe how they must have felt to have the opportunity meet the President of the United States, if one looks at the photo they took with President and Mrs. Barack Obama, the smiles on their faces tell us more than any words could.”

The students chronicled their experiences at the White House in The Wiley Reporter, the college’s magazine. “Hardly a week passes that I don’t receive requests for the magazine that features the students’ trip to the White House,” said Ms. Taylor.