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churchHOUSTON– It is written in Matthew 16:18. We all know that the church rule book is the Holy Bible and that Jesus Christ is the head of the church. Biblically, the only two elected officers of the church are the Pastor and Deacons. The Pastor/Shepherd job is to feed the flock/sheep (members) Jeremiah 3:15.

In 1969, Rev. N.T. Crain was advisor to Rev. W.H. Banks, the founding Pastor of the Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church located at 2616 Calumet Circle. With Pastor Banks, the official staff and membership, the church would become a vital part of the Third Ward Community for the next 26 years. Many people were led to Christ where the Bible way is the Christian Faith way.

Pastor Banks passed in January 1995. After a mourning period, a pulpit search committee was elected by the membership to seek/screen for the next Pastor. Following much prayer and spiritual guidance, Rev. Roland E. Mouton, Sr. was elected the second Pastor. Under Pastor Mouton’s leadership, additional classrooms, music ministry enhancement, and several other fruitful ministries supported the church “shepherd smelling like sheep” spirit for the next 17 years.

Pastor Mouton passed suddenly in January 2012. After a mourning period, a pulpit search committee was elected again by the membership to seek/screen for the next pastor. After much prayer and spiritual guidance the former Pastor’s son was elected the third Pastor of the Christian Faith M.B.C

Remember, The Holy Bible is God’s mouthpiece. Rev. Roland E. Mouton, Jr. was never given a chance to serve as Pastor. His name and names of the pulpit search committee and several other namers were posted on all entrance doors of the church as trespassers shortly after the election. Currently, the voice and power of the Deacons has been replaced by a lawyer, director, and a notary public who seemingly have the control of this once spirit-filled church.

During the past two years, a Deacon single-handedly appointed Rev. Corey Wilson of California as Pastor. At first Rev. Wilson was not an ordained minister, but within weeks, he was taken across town and was ordained by Rev. Sam Smith who admitted he had only been acquainted with the Rev. Wilson for two weeks.

Those 13 members, all in good standing and very active in the church, became trespassers over night and would become regular outlaws to the Houston Police Department. About three days later, a committee member was arrested by H.P.D. And served 26 hours in jail during a public funeral service of a life-long church member. The arrested member was bonded out and his case was dismissed by a criminal court judge. He is soon to file a Civil Rights lawsuit in the Federal court.

The now barred 13 members are not allowed on the church property and currently attend worship service at various local churches. In general, the church is not and will never be a business, company, or incorporation. Jesus Christ is the head and God has supreme rule over the church. No attorney, CEO, etc. can be in charge of God’s church.

In conclusion, a meeting/rally was recently held at the Church. The membership recommended the removal of Rev. Corey Wilson upon findings of 17 unchurch-like violations. Again, I ask whatever happened to “Let the church be the church?” Matthew 16:18