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 James Thomas Jones III, PhD, MA
James Thomas Jones III, PhD, MA

One of my favorite movies, I guess it is the one “chick flick” that I am allowed is Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah and LL Cool J. For those who have failed to view a ‘must-have’ film for any African-American living within the stifling constraints of America, trust me when I say that you may want to get yourself a copy. The premise of the film is relatively simple in that Queen Latifah’s character — Georgia Byrd — is given a dire medical prognosis that gives her only a few weeks to live. It is this information that causes Latifah to begin living life in a manner that she should have always been living; courageously, carefree, and as if there was no tomorrow.

I began to wonder what would I do if I only had two weeks to live?

What are my priorities? What is important enough for me to spend my precious time upon? Who would I visit? Who would I call? What television shows would I watch, if any? What would I read? What would be my regrets?

One thing is certain, if faced with such a dilemma, much of the foolishness that we witness on a daily basis from African-American men would cease if for no other reason than them finally gaining an understanding of the old axiom, “The only thing that God ain’t making no more of is, TIME!” Make no mistake about it; time is precious, fleeting, and unrecoverable.

I would like to think that knowledge that death was around the corner would cause many African-American men who have desperately needed to clean up and straighten up. I am certain that they would find their way home to those they love, particularly their children, they would take every opportunity to tell those that they love, “I Love You” as they understand that man’s days on earth are but a few short, yet unbelievably precious, moments.

If I could, I would advise every Black man in America to live as if he only has two weeks to live. I am quitex certain that it would markedly change not only your life, but also the lives of those around you for the better.