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BoPorterThe Houston Astros have an African-American Manager whose goals and hopes may be to turn fortunes around on the field, but how does it translate to the Black community? 

We may never know.

Bo Porter is an African-American front face of an organization that appears not fully cooperate on granting unbiased credentialing access to a respected, local Houston Black newspaper.

What kind of charade is the organization playing?

What Bo doesn’t know is that while the Houston Astros have made him the “face”, it is apparent that not all things have changed within the organization and how it may really feel about African-American news organizations, Black people, culture and community history and heritage.

Bo doesn’t know that a respected African-American publisher and his newspaper that has been a staple in Acres Home and Texas has been disrespected. This is a Black community newspaper that has been a beacon in the Black community for 19 years and its publisher active in many community, business and civic arenas.

In the same way, the editor, an African-American who is a 20-year seasoned veteran in the newspaper business also suffered at the hands of a media office that sought to be discriminatory in its decisions about credentialing.

The entire process was requested properly, on time and correctly, according to Major League Baseball, but the first answer from media office was “We do not issue credentials to people we don’t know”?

The African-American News and Issues newspaper is Texas widest circulated and read newspaper with an African-American perspective – produced right from Acres Home.

It appears we are not good enough for the Houston Astros. Not good enough to get the same press credentials as White newspapers and television stations?

Surely we thought the days of back of the bus, back door, lunch counter disrespect and discrimination were gone.

The city of Houston and sports front offices are suppose to be in the year 2014, not thinking like its 1860.

It is “foul” disrespect and discrimination on the part of the Houston Astros media office who wants to screen out free speech, access and information access to the Black community.

Bo Porter and his visions for the Black community from a Black perspective and for generating more Black interest in the game of baseball will remain a mystery because getting Black press credentials to get access to the Houston Astros, Porter and other African-American coaches and players is as elusive as finding out how many licks it takes to eat a tootsie roll pop….The world may never know.

More to come on this next week..