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Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News&Issues

I often place emphasis on the fact that there is just something about this Blackness that is seriously misunderstood. There has been a national design set in place since Africans were first brought to America. Once upon a time, there was only one minority race – Black! Terms such as Hispanic-American, Indian-American and others were non-existent, years ago. Anyone who was not labeled as Black was automatically zoned to the All-White category.

We MUST Understand, that there is nothing new about African-Americans getting the short end of the stick. However, just because things are a certain way, it doesn’t mean that they have to remain that way. While, it is a fact that there still remains a grave indifference in relation to African-Americans and those of other races; We MUST Understand that WE still have the power to control our own destiny. But first, WE HAVE GOT TO GET OUR ACT TOGETHER!

I have made it a point lately, to present several institutions relative to the Black community that are being destroyed at a massive rate. In conjunction with exposing these truths, I also have presented various elements that have led to the destruction of the Black community. My intent in doing so is primarily for the purposes of reaching the minds of members of our community. It is my earnest desire that our people will wake up and realize that WE MUST get our act together, before it is too late!

It is time out for us accepting the first person that comes along screaming that they are the next leader. We have got to start holding our Black leadership, especially the preachers and politicians accountable. I always highlight these positions, because these are two seats that have the ability and authority to do and make great things happen in and for our community. It is time that those assets are used for the people that they claim they represent. In the event that they will not produce, find a replacement! Overall, in every aspect of the African-American community, I am simply conveying that we need to GET OUR ACT TOGETHER!

To the leaders of our communities, schools, judicial system, churches and even within each of our homes’; it is imperative that WE GET OUR ACT TOGETHER! We as a race of people are constantly seeing the loss of our: neighborhoods, churches, schools and yes even our future generation. And when I state that we need to get our act together, I am not just singling out our leaders. We all should have a responsibility in some way, to strive to reach our full potential and encourage those coming behind us to follow those steps. Thus, I am writing to each member that is a part of our community – from the youngest to the oldest. We need to get more involved with our schools and make sure that our children are being educated properly. We need to make sure that they are being educated to be productive citizens, not just getting mis-educated where they can enhance the prison system.

Right here in Acres Homes the War on Drugs was initiated and was eventually destroyed by the leadership. That’s also another problem in our community… Our leadership! Everybody wants to lead, but everybody can’t lead. Nobody wants to follow. Nobody wants to respect, he or she that does best and that is a factor that is crippling us as a people as well.

Continuing, Acres Homes once had a Center for Disease Control, it is now obsolete. We have the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development, although it was almost done away with – it is still in effect. At this point, the Chamber is about the only thing consistently going on in the community. Now just because I am the Chairman, this is not to say that I know everything. But at least I am constantly trying to improve. A lot of people have a problem with the way that I talk. To those people, I say check my track record. It ought to prove a little something.

The way I see it, we as a race have been through enough already with various oppressions and restraints. So, it is beyond me why we would want to burden ourselves with more afflictions?  It’s very simple; we just need to get our act together. I would like to share a brief breakdown of the changes that Black folk have gone through since we first came to this country.

From the very beginning, we went from being enslaved slaves to freed slaves. After slavery was said to have been abolished they hit us with the Jim Crow system. Jim Crow laws were put in place to serve as a control mechanism for Blacks. They were laws that legally enforced discrimination and segregation against Blacks. Once integration surfaced and wiped segregation out, here comes another form of oppression – the ghetto. The ghetto was nothing more than an entrapment to congregate scores of Blacks together in poverty and allow them to self-destruct on their own accord. This developed through measures of urban riots and other detrimental activities that Blacks would inflict upon one another. Now here we are in 2017 and the oppression rests in the form of mass incarceration. It is an understatement to state that Blacks are overly represented within the prison system of the United States. My point in stating this is to empower our people to see that others have done enough to us as it is. So let’s just wake up and GET OUR ACT TOGETHER!