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The Standard View
By: Billy “Hollywood” Groves who is also the Publisher of Groves Standard Newspaper

Although I lived through the inept presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr., the current United States president Donald Trump is the most dangerous, mentally unstable person to ever serve in the Whitehouse.  After a year of this consistent dumbness in every aspect of Trump’s governmental behavior, the emphasis of 2018 for all concerned Americans who care about our nation should be to vote to change the way our current government is headed.  The vote in 2018 could have a very important role in controlling who is in power in the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress, our state and our local political office seats.

We have some very serious “people issues” that will be confrontational to all of our citizens in 2018.  Voting is the main way that Americans have to change the direction of the imminent demise of our nation.  The “checks and Balances” that are necessary for us to control the people who hold powerful elected jobs are controlled by the vote.  Don’t let anyone tell you anything differently! I’ve always said God didn’t make no mistake, the election of Trump in 2016 was a wakeup call for all of the citizens of this nation.  Having the kind of president that we have and the very disturbingly dangerous climate he has created in just a year is extremely alarming.  “Our people” have paid such a great price, (including losing their lives trying to get the right to vote).  We can’t afford to drop the ball now, at this critical time.  There are some negative elements of America, white supremacists and their associates, who think certain Americans don’t truly understand the power of the vote.  I’m asking everyone to exercise their American constitutional rights and go out and vote in the next election whether it’s local, state or national.

The next U.S. presidential election is 2020, but we can do a lot of good for our people before 2020. Trump is trying to build a force or team of people who are loyal to him.  We can stop that by voting the right people into our American political offices.  We must be motivated enough to not only vote ourselves, but to make sure our neighbors and friends along with other Americans get to place their votes.    God Bless America!