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MrBy Roy Douglas Malonson, Chairman

It took a massive March on Washington with the likes of A. Phillip Randolph, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Hon. John Lewis and many others to organize, develop a plan and get the nation’s attention that Blacks and others who supported the Civil Rights Movement were tired of racist bullying and the denial of rights. They told President John F. Kennedy that enough was enough and came out in mass by the thousands to send the strong message across the land. They simply were not going to take it anymore.

The Civil Rights Movement demonstrated to racist Whites in America what can happen when we unite, register to vote, turnout and cast ballots together as a unit and work together as a people…

We MUST Understand that UNITY IS OUR POWER. It is that POWER that causes the racist to lose countless hours of sleep trying to figure ways to stop us.

POWER OUTAGE CA– USED BY DIVISION – Not since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, have we seen a resurgence of the massive attacks against Black freedoms, Black leaders, established institutions and our Black youth.

It is critical that we learn to march to the beat of the same drummer and speak with one voice as thousands did during the March on Washington.

It is indeed tragic that the harsh reality that unity has evaded us. Blacks are moving backward at a breakneck pace.

“Black Rome” is on fire and like Roman Emperor Nero, many affluent Blacks are walking around wearing rose-colored glasses and pretending that no problems even exist.

To make matters worse, Blacks waste a lot of time focusing on nostalgia and “me, myself and I” works, rather than trying to really put a dent in the real problems facing the people, –our schools, –our children and neighborhoods.

The real problems are being ignored and brushed off when it is those same neglected issues that not only threaten our future, but also jeopardizes our very survival as a people.

If you disagree, I suggest you go to any small Texas city or rural community and drive through the Black neighborhoods. There are no banks, businesses, shops or grocers owned by Blacks.

During segregation, Blacks were a united people who took their skills and parlayed them into viable business ventures and services that helped our people in our community.

Today the power outage is due to the money and unity that is absent from the community because the core businesses driving the economic engines are not in the community and mayors, city councils and county commissions are doing little to restore that independence to our neighborhoods.

— USE THE POWER WITHIN USOur power builds and grows when money from our community is turned over in our community with each other. That helps us build a strong power base in our community.

Black sororities, organizations, business groups and religious alliances need to take an honest, hard and serious look in the mirror at what they are doing to the community. Galas, meetings, events, balls, cotillions and banquets do absolutely nothing to change the condition of the Black community if we do not unite enough and come together with active strategies to deal with the issues hurting the community. While we pat each other on the back, praise and reward one another and seek out special “recognition,”  inequality in pay and education runs rampant, voting rights and racism continues to grow more popular in practice, children are still killing children with guns, crime and drug dealing continues to expand and crime still plagues the Black community. Black Youth are still dropping out of school at alarming rates and entering the criminal justice system and while we do nothing to change the future.

WAKE UP AND WALK WITH ANCESTORSWe MUST Understand that Unity takes genuine sacrifice, compassion, work and action to make that difference. It is time for high-minded Black folk to come out of their ivory towers and off the mountains, and roll up the sleeves and start working to change our neighborhoods. It is time to take your heads out of the sand.

It is important to remember and not disappoint those great civil right pioneers who worked so hard on behalf of African Americans to reopen the halls of Congress to African Americans after Blacks were systematically thrown out of Congress after Reconstruction. It is the responsibility of African Americans to not only build on the gains of Randolph, Adam Clayton Power Jr., MLK and Rosa Parks and others, but also prepare the children to be leaders of tomorrow.

We MUST Understand the sacrifices of Frederick Douglas, Dubois, Washington, King, Marshall and Parks and many others need not be in vain or forgotten… if we wake up now!!

Today’s leaders, activists and educators are the vanguard who must lead the charge for freedom forward into the future.

A closer look today into present current events reveals the truth about history repeating itself.

Their strategy is simple. Keep Blacks entertained, dumb, divided and away from the polls.

We MUST Understand and Not be fooled – Unite and Stand Up for Your Rights.