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Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News&Issues

By: Roy Douglas Malonson

“The garden was blessed by the Gods of me and you… We headed west for to find ourselves some truth, What you waiting for, What you waiting for… We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made… We found ourselves some treasure, and threw it all away… What you waiting for, No, What you waiting for, What you waiting for, No, What you waiting for… When I dance alone, and the sun’s beating down… Blame it on me… When I lose control and the veil’s overused… Blame it on me…?”  These are lyrics from George Ezra’s, Blame it on Me. The words to this song came to mind in regards to the current President.


Now, Donald Trump is saying that he has inherited a mess and is trying to blame everything on former President Barack Obama. But, what he does not seem to understand is that he needs to hold himself accountable! The way I see it, if anybody inherited a mess it was actually our former President. There is a really big difference in the structure of the country now, versus a little over eight years ago, when former President George Bush was in office. The country knew, as well as former President Obama, that he had a task before him when he first took office. However, there was not a lot of rhetoric coming from President Obama as far as bashing and constantly trying to degrade President Bush. With a smooth transition, President Obama stepped up to the plate and immediately began restoring and directing the nation’s attention to things that really mattered.


To that regard, I hear President Trump consistently referring to the “mess” that he has “inherited”; but you really don’t hear too many accolades coming from him as far as the things that President Obama really did do that were vital to the nation. I can think of tons of things that he did to help enhance the country. First on the list… Has everyone forgotten that we were seriously headed back to another Great Depression? It was policies set in place by his administration that prevented a severe economic depression. Furthermore, the housing dilemma was totally a disaster; through various measures implemented by the Obama administration, it is nowhere near what it was over eight years ago. Then, the health care crisis that affected a massive number of people from our communities was a serious problem. Today, many people are covered by affordable health insurance and we know that, that was just not the case when President Obama first took office. One of my favorites is the fact that one of the main transgressors of the September 11, 2001 (911) attack is dead.  During a time when most Americans had forgotten about the man who orchestrated the plan that resulted in nearly 3,000 American lives and injuring over 6,000; it was announced that Osama bin Laden, was dead. He was killed at the hands of former President Barack Obama. Our paper does not contain the space to reveal all of the accomplishment of the former President, but there were many.


Moving forward, I have really been trying and doing my best to honor this president, but I’m having a hard time doing so. I have even written to our readers to accept the fact that this is our President and attempt to make the best out of what we have. I have seriously tried to remain objective and optimistic in this regard; but it is beyond me why the President won’t just simply be the President! From the very beginning, I had a problem with him trying to ridicule former President Obama. He would not stop with all of his allegations that Obama was not a true American, due to the birth certificate issue. It just appears that he goes from one extreme to the next. Now he is dead set on wiping out the legacy that the Obama administration has set in place. Simply put, this guy just really needs to hold himself accountable.


We MUST Understand these days it is just the way of the world to play the “BLAME GAME”! Everybody blames someone else for everything that is going wrong in his or her life. Playing the “BLAME GAME”, in my opinion is the coward’s way out! Because, back in the day when I was growing up, it would have been considered childish to blame somebody else for your failures. But, nowadays it is just the thing to do. Sad! With that being stated, elements such as these continue to hurt our nation and our communities. The last place we should have to witness child-like behavior (The BLAME GAME), is in the highest seat in the country that anyone can occupy. We Africans living in America, just as every other American, have a right to have a certain expectation from our own President! And I will admit that first and foremost importantly should be that the Chief is held accountable by the people and by himself, to state the least! But, OK PRESIDENT TRUMP, just BLAME IT ON ME!


While it may be true that a person seeking any type of office is not aware of the entire road that lies ahead for them, the reality is