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MrBy Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher

It took an incident at a family day event in a famed Acres Home Recreational Park to bring up the age old question again of just when does a story become news.

Reporting the news is a great responsibility and taking on that responsibility to report the who, what when, where, why and how of lives is not an easy task when looking at things people say and do and the events that affect the lives of people, communities, cities and organizations.

However, publishers and editors make these decisions carefully and weigh the news value of all the facts or stories available at the time each story happens. Stories must pass muster and prove to have news value with readers before they become news.

The African-American News&Issues has been a viable source for community news affecting the African-American community for 19-plus years. We are committed to reporting the news both on the #1 100% Black-owned African American online news website and in the newspaper in a timely fashion. It is news that reflects the people in the community. Our situations, our voices and the lives of people living in the community who look like us.

The greater the impact of the information upon the readers, or the more readers affected by the information, the greater the news value of that information.

One of the leading determinations used is deciding what is news in the timeliness of an event.

Readers want to know what happened today, yesterday, last night and how it affects them.

The African-American News&Issues reports news without fear or favor and that includes full and equal coverage for all. It does not matter if you are a preacher, politician, school official, actor, singer -public arena or public eye —you are newsworthy. You are not immune.
Contrary to popular belief you cannot pick up a telephone and call the news editor to pull a story out of the paper or manipulate the story to reflect the kind of news you want. It just doesn’t work that way and anyone who does that or thinks he has that kind power is a Fool.
News closer to home has more news value than that from far away. We pride ourselves in reporting news from the Black community using a true Black perspective. It is very important for our readers to know that their words, feelings and opinions matter to us. It is equally as important to us to allow our readers to share and tell their actual stories with their own voices, not what we thought they said or meant.

We care to take the time to listen and let them know by reporting the kinds of stories that reflect who they are and what they are thinking about and talking about.

We are aware that some readers become emotionally involved in stories about violence, children, political sensitivity, family and animals, and sometimes do take things personal.

However, We MUST Understand that news cannot happen without affecting or touching someone emotionally.

Whether it is a story that results in humor, sympathy or anger, We MUST Understand that the public (our readers) have a right to know and it is our job to inform them as quickly and truthfully as possible.

Make no mistake. We are a news organization and we will report the news as it happens and share information about how it impacts people living in our community.

Rest assured, the Black community and the people have a voice with the African-American News&Issues.
Any story will become news when an event happens that is relevant to the Black community.

It is raw news that will be reported and will not be given a controlled “spin” by some politician with selfish aspirations running for higher political office.

The African-American News&Issues does not apologize for how it reports news and brings it to readers.

We strive to tell the “Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help us GOD.

But, If the “Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth” hits you, then God help you…