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MrBy Roy Douglas Malonson, Chairman

African Americans have been struggling since we left the sunshine of the African coasts and were brought here in darkness, a broken and fragmented people. Our struggle continues… even today for justice, reparations, fairness and equality.

How many times have you heard someone say about issues in the Black community that, “I don’t have a dog in that fight”.

Making that statement is a way to sidestep problems and issues going on in the Black community and excuse yourself from it because it does not directly involve you.

What you do not understand is every issue in the African-American community affects you, your future and the future of your children and grandchildren.

What if no one stood up to police brutality? Time and again Black men would be shot down by like Oscar Grant or Robbie Tolan; or choked to death in the street by NYPD like Eric Garner; or beat down by HPD like Chad Holley.

What if there was no Quannel X, Sister Krystal’s, Robert Muhammad’s, Kofi Taharka’s to march and protest the injustices shooting, killing and/or lynching of Black men.

What if there was no Sheila Jackson Lee, Loretta Brock or Charles X White to speak out about the closing of a post office or closing of public schools? What if there was no Carolyn Davis or Commissioner John Wiley Price’s who were bold enough to risk it all, beat the odds of racism and resentment and run for political office while maintaining values and connection to the Black community, it’s history and heritage?

In times like these, true freedom fighters do have serious dogs in the fight.

We MUST Understand that the true freedom fighters think unselfishly and work tirelessly toward the goal of making life better for all Black people – sometimes even at a great price. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers lost their lives because they dared be bold freedom fighters with a desire to make lives better for future generations.

They probably are wondering today where have the messages of the struggle, unity and civil disobedience gone in the Black community. Given all that Blacks have endured and still are fighting, why are we still at home in the easy chair living on “Fantasy Island”.

The wildfires from the days of the civil rights movement appears to have been doused. We MUST Understand that if we are not involved or we are standing on the sidelines, we have failed our predecessors.

Malaise, apathy and fear have replaced the reverent spirit, motivation and desire to make changes in our community. We still face monumental problems and few from the Black community have risen to the challenge to change things because there are too many “crabs are in the barrel.”

We are afraid to speak out, step out and go against the grain like MLK Jr., Evers, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer, Harriet Tubman or Rosa Parks and others did during the era of the “Black” Civil Rights Movement.

We MUST Understand Police Brutality is real. School Closings are real. Education Inequality is real. Erasing Black history is real. Injustices in the criminal justice system is real. We all know someone affected by it.

As long as we sit and do nothing, we are selling the future of the race down the road at the expense of their own children and grandchildren. The question should be How much do we love them?

Do we love them enough to take the risk of getting involved or supporting movements even a little to invest in the future of our race and our children, grandchildren and Black people.

Have you looked around your schools, community and neighborhood lately? What do you see and what can you do to fight to make things better?

We must look beyond religious division, personality clashes and differences in opinion for the good of the race and the community. It is time to support effective messages, rallies, marches and civil disobedience. It is time for revival that brings about a new found respect for Blacks in this generation and the ones coming after us.

Black America has serious problems and things won’t get better until we first began to unite, organize, demand better and address those problems head on.

It is my hope that more people would see the need to put their dog in the fight.

I just wonder is there “any fight left in the dog” ?