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Cover10By Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher

L.A Clippers Owner Donald Sterling racist rants have turned heads across America, but inside his latest interview about race, there is perhaps one small nugget of truth.

During his latest interview, Sterling said. “That’s one problem I have. Jews, when they get successful, they will help their people, and some of the African-Americans — maybe I’ll get in trouble again — they don’t want to help anybody…,”

Sterling, who is Jewish, said Jewish people spend great amounts of money helping other Jews who are poor while rich Black people turn their backs to people in need.

Looking at the statement without Magic Johnson in the equation, We must man up, stand in the mirror and ask ourselves it it time for Black America to do a self analysis on itself and be honest enough to ask ourselves have we done enough?

There are indeed a number of successful Blacks in government, business, education, holding public offices and serving as CFO’s and CEO.

The question is What have we done? We MUST Understand from the beginning that we are not talking about  Magic Johnson or donations to charities or hospitals or sponsoring events.

We are talking about the business of bringing sustainable businesses, jobs, prosperity and affordable home ownership back to ailing Black neighborhoods.

Moving out the the “hood” and into the “lands” or “moving on up” like “George Jefferson” to the deluxe apartment in the sky for many has left the community high and dry and trying to survive on an anemic form of financial life support.

When you look at our neighborhoods in Houston, Chicago, Oakland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami or other American cities with Black neighborhoods, rich and affluent Blacks have made their money and walked away and not looked back.

This prosperity vacuum has in its wake double digit unemployment, deteriorating infrastructure and to top things off, the void is being filled with violence, alcohol, drugs, crime, prostitution, hopelessness, despair and a welfare state.

If Blacks have millions of dollars in their coffers, then Sterling raises a good point…While other races like Jews, Vietnamese and Chinese help each other move up… the appearance is that “Blacks don’t move up because Blacks don’t want to help anybody”. Given the current condition and state of Black America, that part of Sterling’s statement speaks for itself, and if true, should make us truly ashamed of ourselves.

African-Americans, business and community leaders need to set new priorities that sets the responsibility of helping and improving firmly on the shoulders on African-Americans themselves.

Racism is real and getting worse, but the real problem is that black people are not passionately dealing with and fighting issues affecting the community.

All rich, affluent and well off Black are playing a selfish game that is destroying the Black race one child at a time and one neighborhood at a time. The Black on Black violence of our youth on the streets of Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and other places is no coincidence.

No one is concerned enough about the struggles of individual brothers and sisters living in poverty to really roll up sleeves and do something.

It is every man for himself, rather than be outraged as an whole group over problems and injustices going on in our community.

The blame and responsibility clearly stops and starts here and we must stand in the mirror and see ourselves.

We MUST Understand that indifference on part of some affluent selfish, materialistic African-Americans is helping erode and deteriorate our future.

So many of us have made “deals with the devil” and traded away the future for today’s glamour, personal enjoyment, prestige, and pursuit of wealth and the good life.

What you don’t understand is it is a one-sided trade that dooms our youth to walk upon tomorrow’s ruins that will be in all Black American neighborhoods in the future if the path is not altered or changed.

It is time for these “token” Negroes who serve in “sterile”, safe positions to come out of the closet and have an impact on influencing the direction and invest into the future of Black neighborhoods in ways that will result in visible and swift changes in the fortunes and futures of African-American communities around the country.

Coming next week Part 2, “Understanding Truth Nuggets from the Mouth of A Fool” – Where Can it Go From Here.