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cover2In most of the offices at African-American News&Issues there is a banner which has a quote that states, “It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you didn’t.” I felt it necessary to relay this message this week because of something that was brought to my attention on this past Thursday. Something that I always stress emphasis on and that is the power of voting. Dr. Stephen Head, Chancellor of the Lone Star College System earnestly asked for the support of the educators, ministers, business owners, various organizations and members of the community alike to support the upcoming 2014 bond referendum. He stated in his address how he believed that many of us took for granted the bond referendum the last time around. Therefore, he knew that LSC had to really get out and do some things differently this year.

So as I sat and listened to him, I felt compelled to share with those that came out to support the Monthly Networking Luncheon a brief insight into our own history. Because a lot of times it seems that some of these Africans living in America have forgotten who they are and where they came from.

We MUST Understand that it wasn’t too long ago that Congress was still debating whether Black folks were humans or property. Now when I say that wasn’t too long ago, I really mean that, that wasn’t too along! But you see, you have some members of the Black community and please note that I state “some”; because it’s not everybody that does it. Once some of them make it to them, “LANDS” and y’all know what I mean about them LANDS. You know like: PearLAND, WoodLAND, RiverLAND, SugarLAND… and I’m sure most of our readers know exactly what I’m talking about. They seem to forget about those they left there and that they themselves were once a part of those communities. Just because you get to a place where you think you have arrived, it’s not alright to not go back and check on the welfare of the community that raised you into who you are. Some just go and never look back!

As a result,  there are other minorities taking over the places that our parents, grandparents, great- grandparents and relatives built; because there is an assumption that there is no value or signifigance in it. But what we fail to realize is that sometimes, luck nor life does not always happen the way that you think it should. Life’s challenges has a way of bringing a circle right back around.

We MUST Understand that history has a very unique way of repeating itself. The things that Dr. Head talked about in his address are the very same things that I heard in 1963 and 1964 when I was a boy coming. The message really hasn’t changed much at all. As a matter of fact the only thing that really has are the speakers and the eras. But we have to educate our children, it is important. We have to make sure that our children have some type of trade or skill to be able to operate in society – and not only this society, but the society of tomorrow.

We MUST Understand that we have to train the workforce. One of the key ways to doing this is to making sure that our children are prepared to go out into the workforce. Now, Lone Star College is not alone in their efforts of trying to secure a strong workforce for the youth of our community.

We have other community colleges who are training and working to enhance the workforce of tomorrow. But my point is, when you hear or see someone trying to make a difference in your community that will serve for the betterment of it, support them! Even, if you no longer live in these communities majority of you still have influence there. Use it!

Finally, I stated as I have repetitiously done so for years, that as a Black race of people have two of the most powerful tools right at our disposal. They are, “OUR MONEY” and “OUR VOTE”.

And I don’t care who you are or where you live, you should really be careful who you give them to. Because whoever you give your vote and money to is the exact one that you empower.