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cover7DALLAS – Champaign Reed, a rising junior at Justin F. Kimball High School, has joined the Dallas ISD News & Information team this summer as part of the Mayor’s Intern Fellows Program. The department will be publishing her works periodically to help her gain experience.

Champaign Reed is an upcoming junior at Justin Ford Kimball High School, home of the mighty Knights. She now works for the Dallas ISD News and Information Department. When she’s around other people she likes to have a lot of fun.

“My goal for this internship is to gain more skills that will better my future,” says Reed. Reed also states that, “In order to be successful in life, you must communicate with others.”

During the early part of her education, she attended H. S. Thompson Elementary Learning Center. From there she attended Pearl Carina Anderson Middle School. Once she left Anderson Middle School at the end of her seventh-grade year, she transferred to William Hawley Atwell Law Academy. She now attends Justin Ford Kimball High School.

When others are down she likes to motivate them to get back up and try again. She likes surrounding herself with positive people.

She plans to attend Oklahoma State University, while pursuing a bachelor’s in business. Her Academy of Hospitality and Tourism classes are relative to this internship because the academy collects a lot of information about the world just like the Dallas ISD News and Information Department does the district.

Reed wants to be the one that changes the city’s environment so that future generations will not have face the same challenges as today’s students.