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“I feel compelled to say something in regards to the tragic shooting of 15 year-old Jordan Edwards. I have a 16yr old son, myself, and this could have easily been my family or any other Black family with a male child. These shootings are now happening so frequently that I’m afraid that society has become desensitized. Black men are not animals. We are human, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles… What has happened is criminal and it is time that BAD cops reap the consequences of their BAD behavior. Not only did this officer take an innocent life, but his actions have darkened, once again, the integrity of what the police force represents to our communities. Instead of seeing someone sworn to protect, society now sees our police officers as threats. This can no longer be acceptable and I will work hard to personally, see to it , that this BAD officer  pays for his offense with sentencing and not just a firing. A loss of a life deserves more of a consequence than a loss of a job. ”  – State Representative Jarvis Johnson