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cover14DALLAS-A court room can be an intimidating place, but not for Attorney Calvin D. Johnson.

The Dallas native known how to navigate his way around the legal landscape and works hard to represent every client who comes to him.


His law firm focuses on Criminal Defense, Education Law, Auto Accidents and lifting traffic warrants and Citations.

Johnson is also licensed to practice in the United States Northern District of Texas.

“We have 12 years of valuable experience in criminal defense law,” Johnson wrote. “We practice in Dallas County, Tarrant County and Collin County and handle DWI’s, drug cases, theft cases, assaults as well as any other crimes individuals are charged with.”

Johnson has experience with cases from low level misdemeanors all the way up to capital murder charges.

Some of his main practice areas include criminal defense, misdemeanors, felonies state and federal cases, education and school law, Texas Education Agency Investigations, Texas Education Agency Appeals, Terminations, Grievances, CPS Investigations Office of Professional Responsibility Investigations (OPR)  and Auto Accidents


Johnson’s education includes being a 1990 Graduate Law Magnet Center for Public Service: Government, Law and Law Enforcement; a 1996 Graduate Howard Payne University; and a 2001 Graduate St. Mary’s University School of Law.

Mr. Johnson has worked in various Dallas law firms before establishing his own practice in 2001.

His association with Dallas law firms goes all the way back to high school.

He has been involved in a number of organizations and causes in the Dallas area such as: Attorney for the Chris Bosh Foundation 2002-2010 Legal & Grievance Director for Alliance/AFT 2009-2013 and is a member of various Attorney Organizations and speaks at various high schools in the Dallas area.

Attorney Johnson also has over 10 years of experience in representing employees in disputes with various school districts across the State of Texas. We have assisted teachers in Texas Education Agency Appeals as well as assisting with certification matters.

He has also represented the largest teacher organization in the State of Texas as well as various other education related employees on the law and school district policies.

Attorney Johnson has filed hundreds of appeals and grievances on behalf of teachers and education employees. Mr. Johnson has also assisted in recovering damages for those injured in auto accidents.

New Address: 

Johnson has office at 3131 McKinney Ave, Suite 600, Dallas, Texas 75204. He can be reached at 214-565-5600 and his fax number is: 214-484-8316. You can contact him by email at

His office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and on Friday from  9:00AM to 2:00PM. Saturday is by appointment only. Consultations are offered and are also available in Spanish.

“I specialize in placing the winning advantage on your side,” he said. “Call me day or night and will go to work for you.”