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cover2Anyone who knows or has been associated with me either knows or perceives this one thing; and that is that I have absolutely have no problem with speaking or writing what’s on my mind. I have not just gotten that way, I have been that way for years. As a matter of fact, me and my wife are both two of the same. For years, pastors, educators, politicians and other leaders have repeatedly came to us  through the doors of African-American News&Issues with problems, issues, concerns and all manner of stuff that they wanted to say or to relay to the public, but were too afraid to do so.

So being the grass root community newspaper that we have been since 1996, we have voiced those issues and done so time and time again. Without fear or favor we have held true to addressing current and historical realities affecting our communities. I make no apologies for it and I will tell anyone!

I stated all that to pose this one simple question to the faithful audience of African-American News&Issues, “Why Did Bro Die?” Yup, that’s what I stated and that’s what I meant; why did the Brother have to die? For those of you who may not be too involved with the media and breaking news going on within the US. There has been total chaos regarding the recent Ebola disease making its way onto American soil.

Just last month a man from Liberia by the name of Thomas Eric Duncan, who according to reports was in his early 40’s was diagnosed with a severe case of Ebola. It is believed that he contacted the disease in Liberia where he played the role of a “Good Samaritan”; by helping his landlord’s daughter who was  pregnant.

Not being selfish but seeing a woman in need he took no thought as to whether or not he should help her. After seeing that she could not walk and was severely bleeding from her mouth, he picked her up and carried  her inside the house.

Undoubtably, Duncan had no idea that this woman had the Ebola disease; as she died the very next day. Also, several members of her family  died not long after she did.

He was reported to have been the first incident of the Ebola pandemic in the U.S. However, there was a little bit more to the story than that. Duncan landed in Dallas on September 20. He went to the hospital five days later. According to CNN’s Faith Karimi and Catherine E. Shoichet, “He was treated for a fever, vomiting and abdominal pain — all symptoms of Ebola. But he was sent home with antibiotics and was not screened for the virus. Relatives say he told hospital staff he’d come from Liberia.”  It was not until September 28 that Duncan returned back to the hospital after his condition had worsened. At that point he was placed in isolation.

Needless to state, this very unfortunate incident led also to Duncan’s ultimate demise on this past Wednesday. People always say that I talk about and stress this “Black” thing too much. And they can continue to say what they want to say and I will do the same.

We MUST Understand that, there is just something about this Blackness that they don’t understand. Not pointing fingers at any one person, facility or agency at all; but I just wonder if Duncan’s skin would have been possibly 100 shades lighter, would this outcome have still been the same? Maybe, maybe not but my question still remains, “Why did Bro die?”

Especially when there are extensive tests and experimentation that have been put in place for this very reason. And there are Ebola patients in America that have been diagnosed with the disease, treated and remain as survivors. Things that make me go… Hmmm.

But at the end of the day, I am going to have to agree with Karimi and Shoichet who denotes several factors associated with the death of Duncan that makes sense as to, “Why Bro died?”. 

In those factors they mentioned the following: Duncan wasn’t hospitalized right away, he didn’t get an experimental drug immediately, he got a different experimental drug, he didn’t get a blood transfusion from an Ebola survivor, the hospital treating him had no advance notice (even though he told them that he was from Liberia – but we will roll with that one anyway), information on his case has been muddled and his family believes his insurance status played a role in this situation.