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Houston- Are you looking to buy or sell some property? Well if you are, then The Watkins Group can help you! Ann Watkins was born and raised in Acres Homes, and her family was among the first to settle in Acres Homes. Watkins attended Booker T. Washington High School, and then attended and graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, and a minor in Real Estate. Watkins spent a lot of her career working for the federal government, which relocated her to Cleveland, Ohio. Even though her career was never easy working in this field, she had three kids that she had to take care of. After many years in this field, she retired last July and opened her first real estate office.

Her career in real estate began as a real estate investor. Her first home was a HUD foreclosure in Willow Run, she lived in that home until she was relocated to Cleveland, OH. After moving back to Texas in 1998, “I knew I wanted to invest in real estate again, I decided to go to real estate school and get my estate license,” expressed Watkins. After many friends, family and others would ask her to help them find properties, she realized that she enjoyed the customer side of real estate.

Since becoming a real estate sales agent in 2006, she would often dream of opening her own office. In 2008, she was awarded her brokers license and in 2009, she opened The Watkins Group as an independent broker. After a year after she retired, she began to search for office space, and with the help of the staff at Near Northwest Management District, she found space at 5450 NW Central Office. She now has four agents and an administrative assistant.

When asked why people should come to The Watkins Group, it’s because they treat all their clients like family. Whether the property is a $1000 lease or a $1 million dollar home, they don’t allow anyone to feel small. All of their client’s deals are a big deal to them! When it comes to buying or selling real estate, you don’t have to leave Acres Homes to find knowledgeable, dedicated and competent Realtors. There are many such real estate professionals right here in our neighborhood. In addition, you should choose The Watkins Group because they have invested and have a vested interest in our Acres Homes Community. “I still own property here and I made the decision to open my office here,” expressed Watkins. She further stated, “I believe that this community has great value both in land and in culture, and want to see both preserved. It saddens me when I see families lose property which has been in their family for years only because they sold it to an investor for pennies on the dollar because they didn’t know how to sell it for full value or even keep it for future generations. I would like to help families in Acres Homes maintain ownership of those inheritance properties or if they choose to sell it at the highest price, the market will bear.”

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 By: Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed.