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An excerpt from Maya Angelou’s, Stop Black on Black Crime – Enough is Enough, revealed the following. She wrote, The anger we feel when we hear about a White person (a cop, a KKK member and the like) killing a Black person, should be multiplied by 100!  Where is the outrage when it comes to killing one of our own?  Why have we become immune and anesthetized to these horrific acts of violence?  When will we hold ourselves accountable and take action?  Each and every one of us (regardless of race, but especially those of African descent) has a responsibility to lead the next generation.” 

By: Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News & Issues & Author of column series We MUST Understand

I could not agree with the deceased poet and civil rights leader more. I think one of the best words I can think to answer the questions asked above is the term, “hypocrite”. For those who don’t know what it means… One of the definitions of “hypocrite” according Webster’s Dictionary is, a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.”

This topic came to mind as I sat thinking about all of the vile and evil things Black folks have done to Black folks since forever. But the sad part is the fact that Black folks choose to minimize what is done to one another by each other; and maximize when those who do not look like us do something similar. Truthfully, most of the times the things that are done to us by others, was first to done to us by us!

We MUST Understand that even though the effects of slavery imposed itself on Africans living in America a couple hundred years ago, the origin of what brought our ancestors here then, are still amongst us today. However, the reality is that it was not the White man or should I state… The Europeans that captured Africans to begin with. There has been a grave misconception throughout the ages of time, in regards to how slavery came to be. It wasn’t no damn White folks going into the jungle to capture Africans. It was Black folks that caught other Black folks! As a matter of fact, I will go back into our history even deeper than that. Who in the hell do you think the Europeans purchased the slaves from? They certainly didn’t sell them from one another to one another… They didn’t start doing that until they got to America. We should be reminded that Africa is not a part of Europe. It was an independent nation by itself.

We MUST Understand that the original slaves that were first sold to White men were sold from other Africans. To that regard, I believe that it is also relevant for me to denote that a great number of slaves that were purchased by the Europeans; were already enslaved or imprisoned when they were purchased. In fact, some of the slaves that the Europeans purchased were on their way to being executed by their very own.

While some people may know the facts and origin of how the slave trade came to be, it is rarely ever talked about or discussed. I felt compelled to share this information with the faithful and loyal readers of African-American News & Issues. Why??? For a couple of reason… Firstly, African-American News & Issues is a publication that thrives off of highlighting current and historical realities affecting our communities. Therefore, I have made it a vow to present any and every topic that affects our community. That is, with no respect to any race, culture, creed or color, including our own!

Secondly, We MUST Understand that the biggest harm that any person can ever do to us Africans living in America is ourselves. White folks don’t have to sell us out; we do that on our own! White folks ain’t got to kill us, we been doing that to each other! White folks don’t have to try to keep us down; we have kept one another down, long enough! White folks don’t have to work to destroy us; we do that all by ourselves. White folks don’t have to create division between us; we built those walls many years ago.

So the next time, you hear somebody talking about, “The Man” keeping us down, selling us out, killing or trying to destroy or divide us, remind them that they got the idea from Black folk to begin with. And for the record, I detest the despicable things found in the Willie Lynch letter to slave owners. But, I must remind you Africa existed long before Willie and his letter was ever thought of. Now my statements are not an admission that I condone slavery or the baffling and cruel effects that it has left amongst our society. Because right is right and wrong is wrong. Nevertheless, I have always believed in the old stance of, “calling an ace an ace, and a spade a spade”. So what I’m stating here, I hope that it would be a message to enlighten our people to wake the hell up! My message is loud and clear… Black folks have always had a way of dividing and destroying one another. So no, the White man don’t have to go into: “the jungle”, “the hood”, “the ghetto” or even “your home”; because he already got you to do the job!