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cover1By Darwin  L Campbell, Editor

After reading a variety of comments and responses from the story about Superintendent Terry Grier, I am compelled to be blunt and forward in defending the role of the Black Press.

One such comment in particular that caught my attention said, “After reading this article. All I can do is shake my head in disgust. You could have taken African-American News&Issues off the header and placed from the desk of Terry Grier. Nobody would ever know the difference. This my friends is when you know the fight is fixed.”

The African-American News&Issues was founded with the sole goal of giving the community a voice. For nearly 20 years, week in and week out we have done this without fear or favor.

We have taken on tough issues and met with difficult individuals and found ourselves in tough situations all with the goal of providing you with the best uncut, unbiased review of issues and addressing those perspectives from a Black point of view.

It is purely asinine for people to attack the hard work and sacrifices of this newspaper and its staff without understanding the true meaning of journalism.

We don’t ask people to love or agree with everything we write or do, but we always write with the goal in mind to give the public enough information or as much as possible to be able to make an educated unbiased decision about any issue.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not tell anyone what to do or think. However, it is our obligation to record Black history and tell every story in a balanced way, giving full and undivided attention and complete respect to the individual or groups, whether we believe or support it or not.

A journalist task in simple when it comes to news: Report News, be objective and use hard, verifiable facts, good sources and information.

News, incidents and issues are reported fairly and without bias. It can occur or break without warning at anytime and everything that happens behind it supports or surrounds the original event or story.

I will make this short and sweet for those who like to bad mouth the true Black Press for its efforts to inform the Black community. These are the same do-nothing cowards that run to places like the Houston Chronicle and other Non-Black, Non-Community supporting newspapers with announcements and business and totally support them with no questions asked.

With that, said let me make clear that those who are disgusted and think the “deck is stacked” or the “fight is fixed” do not know the Chairman, Roy Douglas Malonson or the staff at African-American News&Issues very well nor have they been awake and conscious enough to follow Black issues in this newspapers over the past two decades.

Growing up during the turbulence of the 1960’s and experiencing separate but equal firsthand, I have lived and seen the failures and damage the education system has inflicted on generations of children since integration, and I have fought tooth and nail to educate and change a system that is destroying our schools, neighborhoods and our children.

However, some Blacks from our own communities have been our own worst enemy. We are still fighting equality today because of “Black flight” from our own neighborhoods. In these communities we have forsaken, we have helped to write the epitaphs and eulogies for schools that have closed.

We need to realize and accept our responsibility in this failed education system.

We Must ask ourselves how much have I been involved helping to build pride in my neighborhood school and how many times have I volunteered to spend time in that school.

Vouchers and transfers have been the bond that we have used to bail our own children out of our neighborhood schools and into charter schools, academies and other public schools in affluent neighborhoods, rather than stand and fight to the last man demanding that neighborhood schools be just as equal in facilities, teachers, resources, books and budget as the affluent school that your child now attends.

It can only get better when we stop “farming” our children out to charter schools and using transfer vouchers.

No one school should be better than another. They all deserve to be equal.

Taxpayers Must Understand that our schools belong to us. Superintendents, board members and administrators work for us. That is what has been lost on us and we have ourselves to blame.

What we see today did not happen because of the African-American News&Issues interviewed Terry Grier.

This mess is the fallout from the African-Americans failing to deal with inequality!!!

If the fight is fixed, we ask who made the bet? 

Seems many of us made bets against our own neighborhood schools.

We need to stop playing with our kids futures.