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By: Darwin Campbell
Author of column series “The Black Whisperer”

When looking at the state of affairs and issues plaguing the Black community, nothing is more disheartening than watching some of our so-called Black community leaders and elected officials demand special treatment because of positions they hold.
What even confirms this fact is the way they react with their own constituents who they serve when conditions don’t fit or suit their standards.
With that being said, it must have been a full moon and the prowl was on.

Recently, at a Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development, Inc. event to promote and celebrate Black community service and progress, a member of the U.S. Congress attended and groaned about sitting in a certain area among constituents. They also complained about the lack of respect for the title and after years of service to the community. The seats just were not good enough because of the location and they felt like they deserved special treatment.
Far too many of our career Black politicians suffer from the chronic disease of “Entitlement”.

Entitlement is the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
It all starts with good intentions as a young candidate seeks to run for office and impress the electorate in his or her district. They use sly phrases and lots of cunning words to lure and bait the voter into supporting their causes and platforms.

Good Intentions –
At First

As their campaign shapes up and election day brings victory, the freshman leader is enthusiastic, eager and humble and assumes the position seeking to change the world. On the surface, the constituents are the priority and for a very short season, it appears that the Black community finally gets what is wants in a leader.

Temptation and Power Pollute

However, it does not take long for troubling symptoms to arise that change the focus and mindset of the representative. Like strong weather fronts, the clouds of money, waves of influence and the glut for power take over and pollute the political atmosphere.
The lack of “political oxygen” affects the minds of some politicians by clouding the judgment and changing the attitude about how the representatives approach problems and issues that Black constituents face.
It does not take long for the disease of entitlement to spread throughout the brain until the representative loses touch, no longer hears the voices of constituents and that affects progress and the way the representative interacts with the voters in the district.

The Change is Terminal
The second phase of Entitlement sickness happens when that leader starts to talk down to the voters he or she represents and starts dictating to, making senseless demands and defining to constituents what he or she wants from them before coming to events or setting stipulations in order to show up for a simple meet and greet with them to say thank you and show your appreciation to the community and supported you. Support those who support you!
The third and most deadly phase of this condition left untreated affects the brain of the representative until it causes career politicians to suffer from a little “god-goddess complex”.
That “god-complex” stage is where many of our Black politicians and community leaders are today and that is dividing and destroying the Black community.
Entitlement spreads rapidly and creates fallout and chaos in the Black community as people loyal to these self-appointed “kings and queens” allow the complete take over and control of their new fiefdoms.
New ideas, up and coming young political blood is squelched and voices are silenced in order to tighten grips on power.
Anyone opposing these “rulers” are ridiculed, branded as troublemakers and banished. The results of these purges and power plays are the community slips into dark deterioration and economic ruins.

Entitlement-Laced Politicians Taint Democratic Process

The demon of Entitlement among Black politicians is the undoing of Black progress.
Elected officials are elected to serve constituents, not the other way around.
Too many Black politicians want voters in their districts to bow down to them and “kiss the ring”.
They want you to be the loyal serf who is willing to be a service puppet in order to get what you want.

Such behavior is wrong and unacceptable.

Entitled Black politicians do nothing for us and demonstrate little care for the constituents they serve after tasting power and enjoying the benefits of being elected totally at the expense of the Black community.
Curing the Entitlement disease among Black politicians starts by calling out those Black politicians who have all of a sudden become better than us “little people” and have the attitude of French Queen Antoinette, who told her hungry, poor peasants to “Eat Cake”. It was one of the main events that contributed to the French Revolution in France in 1789.
Queen Antoinette lost her head over her attitude, behavior and her comments.
We need a revolution against Black career politicians with the Entitlement Demon because they stand in the way of real progress.

The Cure for Entitlement

It is time to send a strong message to entitlement-minded career politicians that Black people want action because the future of our community is dire without real Black men and women willing to sacrifice and leave it all on the field for the good of our children, our communities and our people.
No longer can we afford to give away our votes automatically to Democrats or Republicans, unless they show that they will truly stay on task working for us and with us to improve our communities, schools, judicial systems, churches, businesses and homes.
They must remember that they work for us. We are the ones who put them in office and  they are the ones who owe it to the community to do what they said they would do!
God only allotted us a few genuinely great men and women like former Congressman Craig Washington, Late Ron Brown, The Late Adam Clayton Powell, The Late A. Phillip Randolph,  and the Late Malcolm X.
Black people have the power and the cure for Black politicians who are sick with “Entitlement” fever.