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There is no doubt that when ranking African-American starlets, Houston’s own Beyonce Knowles-Carter reigns supreme over all others. Recent reports indicate that Beyonce is eager to jump back onto the silver screen, however, there is one thing holding this move up; an absence of quality roles.

According to US Weekly, “Bey’s looking for an iconic dramatic role…She wants to make a film that’s socially relevant to African-American rights.”

The fact that ‘Bey’ cannot find quality roles is not only disappointing, but also a great reflection of the type of images that African-Americans, particularly women, have been pigeonholed in. The alluded to images that are almost always emanating from those God awful reality television shows — that are most definitely scripted — paint African-American women as ‘baby mama’s’, ‘hoochie mamas’, possessing domineering sapphire personality that neither man nor woman would seek association with, or involved in the most ‘ghetto fabulous’ dysfunctional lives and relationships that the wildest imaginations could ever conceive.

I am certain that many are questioning what the dangers in such entertainment are. My answer to such is that the primary danger is that our community is filled to the rim with males and females with prominent, unmistakable, self-esteem and identity problems, For many of our people, the ridiculous behavior that is currently passing as television programming must be considered edutainment as they are being simultaneously educated and entertained by on-screen anti-social antics.

Unfortunately it appears that there is no request that today’s African-American reality stars will not honor in exchange for fleeting fame and a few dollars.

Beyonce decision to pursue films that are “…socially relevant to African-American rights” must be celebrated with the same intensity that we should denounce the filth that we repeatedly see on reality television shows.

James Thomas Jones III