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HEMPSTEAD – Recently, the Mt. Corinth family, our Community First Responders, and the community came together to recognize the best our community has to offer: Our First Responders. Attending the occasion were Prairie View and Hempstead VFD; Waller County Sheriff’s Department; Waller Police Department; Precinct 3 Constable’s Office; Lone Star College. For the past fifteen years, Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church of “Heavenly” Hempstead, TX has honored its first responders; and this year was no different. Instituted by the late Rev.

L. H. Crosby, this year’s program was in honor of him and those who continue to be first responders. Pastor Crosby had a vision to recognize individuals of the community who put their lives on the line to protect the general public and particularly citizens of Waller County. In the words of Mr. Frank Jackson, Waller county’s eminent historian: “All leaders know the prestige, privilege and burden of command. They are those who alone are ultimately responsible for managing emergencies to the best of their ability and safeguard lives, property and the welfare of the community. There is not a time in service that they can escape the grasp of command. Their privileges are few in view of their obligations; nevertheless, being an emergency service provider gives our communities their great leaders.

It is a duty which richly deserves the highest time honored titles of: Sheriff, Constable, Police Chief, Para-Medic, EMT, First Responder, Fire Chief, Deputy, Police Officer and Fire Fighter.” These heroes, both locally and nationally, deserve the celebratory applauds of the masses. They willingly risk everything to protect, serve, and make our communities safer and better places. And for this the Mount Corinth Church family and the Waller county community says: “Thank you!”