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AUSTIN – The Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce received the 2014 Community Partnership Award from the Office of the President and the Division of Diversity & Community Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2007, the Office of the President and the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin have hosted annual awards ceremonies to honor individuals and organizations for their service to the greater Austin community. Honorees are chosen for their commitment and dedication to promoting social justice, increasing opportunities for inclusion, and/or improving access to education. The upcoming event honors community trailblazers making a difference in the African American community of Austin through civic engagement and public service. The Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce remains dedicated to providing resources, technical assistance and leadership while promoting the development and expansion of African American and greater Austin area businesses communities. Each year GABC works hard to represent the more than 5,000 Black businesses in the City of Austin and approximately 80,000 residents who depend on the economic vitality of our city. Through our various programs and events, GABC is committed to creating positive change and progress for our members, partners, affiliates and the greater Austin community.


DALLAS –  The “Quilting Sisters of Color: We Have Come This Far” exhibit at the African American Museum of Dallas will complete it run at the Fair Park museum, on December 31, 2014. Quilting Sisters of Color was founded in 1966 by Mrs. Jean Johnson, who started out informally teaching quilting techniques to a few of her friends at church. The guild’s focus is to preserve and promote an appreciation of quilting as an art form, particularly from the African American tradition. The four month long exhibit has consisted of quilts of various sizes, art forms, both machine and hand quilted. For more information on this and other exhibits call 214-421-8204.


HOUSTON – A Texas woman is suing over claims she was passed over for promotions due to her age and race and ultimately fired after filing grievances.  Linda J. Donnie filed a lawsuit Oct. 27 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas against Central United Life, citing employment discrimination. According to the complaint, Donnie had more than 14 years of experience when she was hired by the defendant as associate manager of the underwriting department in 2000, and she advanced to manager of the department. The complaint states the positions under her were eliminated in 2007, and she was solely responsible for successfully maintaining the department’s standing. Donnie says that in 2007, Lee Ann Blakely, a younger white female became chief operations officer, and Donnie, an African-American, began to be treated differently, with her decisions being overridden, her underwriting decision reversed and being presented in a bad light to agents, the corporation and customers.


SAN ANTONIO – The African-American Literatures and Cultures Institute at th eUniversity of Texas at San antonio, is taking applications for for students to join the US professoriate by providing research stipends, rigorous mentoring, and innovative academic training. The program responds to the pressing need for diversifying all areas of U.S. higher education – from graduate study to academic research through administrative leadership.
Participants are selected through a competitive application process and will receive a $2000 stipend for participating in the program. Housing and course materials are covered by the program.
For more information contact Joycelyn Moody at 210-458-6857.


WALLER COUNTY – Since 2011, Prairie View A&M University employees have been asked to donate to the university as part of th eFaculty and Staff Giving Campaign and each year they have answered the call, averaging a 70% participation rate. Beginning in 2013, the President’s Club was created for those contributors who gnerously donated a minimum of $1200 per year to the university. Last year was the first year in which those employees who donated at a high level were given special recognition. The ‘President’s Club Members” consisted of an inaugural group of 25 donors. “The University celebrated their generosity in giving with an appreciation mixer, complete with great food and special keepsakes,” explained Felicia Lewis, Annual Giving Manager.
This year the club’s membership increased to 57 employees.
The school saw the fruit of their giving as the university was presented with a check totaling $65,000, which represented the amount donated by Club members. PV, You Know!