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Mark Spivey
Mark Spivey

It’s not often when you get a chance to sit back and watch white people attempt to destroy each other  publically for nearly an entire year.  I’m finding it both hilarious and disgusting.  The funny part is at one time they were quite cordial with one another; hanging out together at social events and weddings.  One donated money to the presidential campaign of the party he’s running against and the other has spent millions of dollars running television ads on how perverted her former “friend” was/is.   Not since the days of “Beavis and Butthead” have we’ve seen such an odd display of Caucasian fodder as we have witnessed this year.  I am thoroughly amused…

Politics can be downright dirty in most years, especially during presidential elections.  But, the altitude in which this shiggity has risen is turning the Milky Way Galaxy stale and making the moon blush in meteorological embarrassment usually reserved for idiots and buffoons.  But then again, politics as we know it today has exposed more than liars and vagina-grabbers, it has also become a litmus test of how perverted America is by allowing this type of nonsense to fester right before our very eyes.  At the forefront of this uncontrolled chaos are two of the world’s most recognizable faces:  a white man and a white woman.

Their names aren’t important at this moment because we know who they are.  What is important, however, is the magnitude of how far they will go to rip the skin off each other in order to reveal  what they’re made of inside.  What most people will see is the steely ignorance of a man whose DNA is peppered with the spices of hate, racism, and deceit versus that of woman who has taken her fair share of abuse from her husband, her adversary, and the ineptness of women EVERYWHERE to stand up with her against a white male-dominated society.  Stretched by the threads of Manifest Destiny for the past 240 years, the ideologies of the ancestors of creatures who used to crawl around on all fours in the mountainous caves of Caucasus in Western Europe are now raveling in front of millions.  Fred Flintstone wouldn’t be proud…

We are witnessing the budding of some “Strange White Fruit” here; the kind unseen in these parts before.  Ironically, the seeds of discord from this “fruit” have been planted in the ground for many; many, years fertilized by the blood of Native Americans, African-American slaves, and disenfranchised peoples throughout this land.  Now, the fertilizer ain’t working no mo and its by-product has fallen to the ground.  Now, it’s beginning to rot…


“Strange White Fruit”, on the television we see,

They spew words of hate, and they do it with glee,

Promises, pledges, and prosperity, to us they agree,

Just give us your vote so we can remain on the tree.

On the tree we have power, to govern the lands,

We’ll govern you joyfully, as you work with your hands.

As long as we’re in power, your voices we’ll mute,

Only YOU can give life, to this “Strange White Fruit”


It won’t be long before this horse-and-pony show will be over.  We will be spared of all of the insults and innuendos.  But, I have one question for you:  What fruit will you be picking?

God bless, goodnight, and keep yo families together.