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9202 Willow St. ~ Houston, TX 77088
Sunday, March 12, 2017 – 11:00 A.M.

Dr. Edwin Davis – Speaker


Pastor Jason F. Meachum is a shepherd after God’s own heart. He was born into ministry through Pastor & First Lady Clifford B. Meachum, Jr. At an early age, Pastor Meachum began developing his love for Christian music. As his musical gift expanded, so did his love for God and God’s people.

God blessed Pastor J. Meachum to increase his gifts and he began to accompany the musicians at Starlight MBC. Years later, he became the lead musician and soloist for Starlight. His gift to “hear the music” cultivated many songs and transitioned the worship service. His passion to endlessly continue growing and learning has compelled him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Theology at the College of Biblical Studies.

On July 25, 2004, Pastor J. Meachum proclaimed his calling to preach the Word of God. Known as a radical for Christ, Pastor J. Meachum has a fire within for reaching the lost, reviving the hurting, and restoring the saved. Without concern of audience size, variation, or location, Pastor J. Meachum’ s ultimate goal is to be so transparent and motivating, that everyone will be empowered, educated, and enriched as God speaks through him. He is a visual preacher, who translates the Word of God for all to understand; so that application in daily living is simplified.

In April 2015, he started New Birth Tabernacle Church and when his father (late Rev. Clifford B. Meachum, Jr.) became ill, Pastor J. Meachum steadfastly continued the work of leading God’s people at Starlight MBC, while pastoring New Birth Tabernacle.
After much prayer, Pastor Meachum accepted the charge to continue the legacy of his father at Starlight MBC. On January 3, 2016 New Birth Tabernacle joined forces with Starlight MBC to be a beacon for the Kingdom of God. Since merging the ministries we are seeing “New Birth” at Starlight MBC.

He is a committed father of two beautiful children, Jayden & Makayla Meachum. He knows with the help of God there is nothing impossible!