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STAFFORD, Texas — On Monday, April 10, the Stafford MSD (SMSD) Board of Trustees unanimously voted in favor of becoming a “District of Innovation”, following a public hearing held on April 5.

The concept of “District of Innovation” was passed by the 84th Legislative Session in 2015, in House Bill 1842. In accordance with rules established by the Texas Education Agency, a Local Innovation Committee was established to provide the District with flexibility to explore creative and innovative ways to best meet the needs of our students.

SMSD developed flexibilities from state mandates in the following areas: first day of instruction, teacher certification, minimum minutes of instruction, class size ratio, campus behavior coordinator, teacher appraisal system, transfer student provision and disciplinary alternative education plans.

A committee was established and included teachers, counselors, campus and district administrators, parents, and community members. All decision-making related to the implementation of these innovations will again, come back to the SMSD Board of Trustees for consideration and approval.

This plan will be reviewed on an annual basis, and any future amendments to the plan would have to be approved by the Local Innovation Committee, the SMSD District Advisory Committee (DAC), and the SMSD Board of Trustees.