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The great Richard Pryor once stated the following, “Family, an eternal blessing and a lifetime curse.” I have a very real suspicion that hip-hop mogul Dame Dash of Rocafella Fame has an in-depth understanding of what the greatest comedian to ever live was alluding to.

Recently Dame’s cousin, Stacey Dash, took to the airwaves to issue a hair-brained argument regarding the onus was upon African-Americans to decide if they would either integrate or continue to be segregated from ‘mainstream’ America. Unbelievably, Mrs. Dash suggested that the African-American divest from Black programming such as Black Entertainment Television or annual celebrations of such as Black History Month.

Predictably, in the wake of Stacey’s ‘coonish’ comments, many turned their attention toward Dame Dash for comment. I am certain that those of us with family members who possess a tendency to do outrageous things sympathize with Dame. Although unfair, many feel it is appropriate to turn to Dame for commentary regarding this matter.

To truly appreciate his response, one must have previous exposure to him. Dame naturally professed love for his cousin, yet emphatically related that he desired to have her ‘coonin’ associated with his name. In an interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dame related that he was used to Stacey’s political non-sense that has grown progressively worse since she has become associated with Fox News.

According to Dame, “It’s annoying having a cousin that looks like that and has an opinion that works for Fox News.” His foremost desire is to have her understand that her words have power and are hindering the advancement of African-Americans. In conclusion Dame forcefully reiterates his contention that “I would never say no crazy sh*t like that.”