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sonofgodHUMBLE- For 18-year old Ja’Torrie Dickerson watching the first screening of  the “Son of God” movie was a time of self reflection and rededication.

The realism of the life, times and horrors of the crucifixion of  Jesus Christ not only spilled out from the screen and touched her, but also caused a wave of emotions to fill the room with crying, sniffles, sobbing and tears.

“This was real to me and ties into my life and with what I have learned about Jesus,” she said. “It makes you look at your self honestly and lets me know that choices do matter in life.”

Dickerson said her plans are to recommend people see the film because it can change a person’s life.

The screening of “Son of God” was part of a exclusive initiative by Senior Pastor Keion Henderson of The LightHouse Church in Texas and 20th Century Fox.

“We are in love with promoting this movie,” Henderson said. “It not only helps bring people closer to God, but in some cases, reintroduces them to God.”

Producer and actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel, The Bible) and Producer March Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, The Bible) was released the film to the public on Friday.

“For people not fortunate enough to get on a plane and go to Jerusalem, I think that the movie does a great job of bringing Jerusalem into the theater and into living rooms,” Henderson said. “Christians will benefit from seeing this movie.”

Son of God “brings the story of Jesus’ life to audiences through compelling cinematic storytelling that is both powerful and inspirational.” It is complete with on location flavor and dazzling visual effects. The film tells the story of Jesus’ birth, his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

It marks the first motion picture about Jesus’ life since Passion of the Christ, released ten years ago.

“It really lets you know all he went through for me,” said Jason Graves, who attended the screening. “It is amazing that Jesus knows me and who I am and cares enough about me to have died like that. Even now he loves me, and that is hard to put into words.”

Denise Tolliver of Spring said the movie made her really think about how good God is to all of us, despite mankind’s appetite for sin, selfishness and violence in the world.

Barbara Owens who was moved with emotion during the screening said she never seen anything so touching. Her words were the entire world needs to see the movie and at least come to know the real message of the savior.

“It was excellent and phenomenal to witness this,” she said. “It brought the message home and all honor and blessing and glory to God for this movie. It let’s me know just how good God is.”

For Marquette Hall, the movie took her back and placed her walking with Jesus through every scene

“It was phenomenal,” she said. “ It made me feel like I went back in time and felt like I was there the whole time. There is a  message in this for all. He did all that for us. How can it not mean anything to people.”

Pastor Henderson said he believes the impact of the movie will be that people will be able to take a visual journey and retrace the footsteps of Jesus.

“A lot of people don’t see the Bible in pictures, they see it in words,” he said. “ I am a picture person… and pictures have away of connecting, and so I think it is important for Christians and others to see this film so that they can see those words alive…”

Henderson was shaped as a pastor at the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church in Gary, Indiana under the leadership of  Dr. Cato Brooks Jr. On July 1995 , Henderson was called to the ministry at age 14. He organized New Horizon Baptist Church in Fort Wayne before coming to organize the LightHouse Church in Houston. The church has over 2,300 members and Henderson has preached the gospel in Europe, Africa and visited the Sea of Galilee, Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and other key Holy Land sites. He also was nominated for a CNN Heroes award in 2014.

Henderson believes the file has great relevancy for youth and the church today.

“It becomes relevant when people can see that he is real,” he said “…Being in the young generation and in age of social media, it is difficult to have respect for something you have not seen or experienced…”

He compared seeing the movie to understanding the Civil Rights movement.. Youth and the younger generation must make a connection to it.

“We were not there when there were segregated tables and not there when there were whites only and Black only water fountains. Where there is no experience there is a disconnect,” he said. “What producers have done is taking care of relevancy and getting our kids to see it. It is a real story that actually happened that they can communicate, connect to and seek and that will bring about a long term impact on young lives.”

On the film bring more unity in the religious community, Henderson said.

“It is uniting because it brings people back to cross. It is all about the cross…The cross is what unites us,” he said. “ I am not fan of denominationalism. This movie moves us out of denominationalism and puts us right at the cross where John and Mary was.”

He said the message is pure and simple. “The truth is none of us will see him unless we get to the cross.”

“It does not matter who raised you or what church you attend or grew up in,” Henderson said “It goes back to the fact of have you accepted Jesus as your Savior and do you believe that he got up out of the grave and sits at the right hand of God”