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Many African American women have thrown their perms away and are embracing their natural hair. However, with natural hair, it does require much patience and the right products to ensure that the natural hair is beautiful and healthy. In order to help people embrace their natural hair, Maggie Sayles, Dahl Gibson, Ellyssa Wilson, and Evon Welch, all cousins, have teamed up to create their business Sista Girl Curls (SGC).

Sista Girl Curls, which launched May 1st, 2015, is a natural hair brand that encourages healthy hair and growth. The concept behind their business is to help people, and give them the confidence and perception that all hair is good hair. They also want to promote that all hair can and will grow with the right amount of attention and healthy practices. The inspiration behind creating the business comes from their mothers who have been licensed cosmetologists for over thirty years. “They have taught us how to take care of our hair, and we have been able to see so much in our hair. Due to this, we really want to be able to bless someone else with the knowledge that we have obtained on a bigger scale,” expressed Sayles.

There are many negative stereotypes that surround African American women and their natural hair. These stereotypes can be found in different places of employment, schools, and even in the media where African American women have to coexist with people who are different than them, and who may not want to take the time to understand natural hair. According to SGC, one of the main stereotypes is that natural hair is viewed as socially unacceptable by those who are not knowledgeable about natural hair. These stereotypes has caused many African American women to feel afraid or even ashamed to wear their natural hair. Wilson stated, “Often times, if “naturals” have a certain hair type, they change their hairstyles on a weekly basis, or like to experiment with a variety of styles. It creates a “how” or “why” factor for others who observe those changes.” One of the main goals at SGC is to educate all people about natural hair and all of its many elements to help create a more mainstream and conventional regard for women who decide to wear their natural manes.


SGC currently offers their amazing Essential Oil, which has been instrumental in each of their natural hair journeys. In addition, they have a few exciting additions that are in the works and will be coming to their line in the near future. SGC Essential Oil is far from other products, as this is a product that was not originally made for sale. Each of them used a variation of the oil for years and saw remarkable results in health and growth. “After seeing major growth following Ellyssa’s big chop, we decided to use that same oil recipe and make the product available to our followers. Again, our oil is hand-mixed and made with health being the top priority, which we refuse to market anything to our customers that we have not personally seen success with ourselves,” expressed Welch.

The goal for their business is to become a global household brand. They want to be a positive impact to any and every one with curls or kinks. One of their short term goals consists of having a complete hair product line that promotes health and growth while incorporating eco-friendly bottles and packaging that encourages environmental awareness. Another short term goal is to have a successful natural hair festival in Japan with their products in 2018.


A long term goal is for them to one day have the resources required to have a non-profit that would target women and girls of all ages. “We understand the systematic oppression that has specifically been placed on the minority, so we want to do our part and educate as best as we can. In the long term, we hope to be the first African American hair product line in Japan, and many other countries where people with curly hair exist. No one should feel left out, or like they are not beautiful. We want to in some way encourage the confidence, that it is okay to be exactly who God made you to be, and here at Sista Girl Curls, we have the tools to amplify that one and only you,” expressed Sayles.

Many people expect their hair to change overnight without realizing that healthy hair is a process. Healthy practices are imperative so that people will not damage their hair. “The best piece of advice I can offer to all of the naturalists out there is to simply be confident in your own beauty. Your hair does not define you. In fact, you can make it do exactly what you want it to! You are the artist who is in control of what goes on the canvas! Natural hair takes time and patience. Be good to your hair and it will be good to you. Try lots of different styles, regimens, and routines to figure out what works best for you and your hair. Add a couple go-to styles to your vault, and embrace your journey,” Welch illustrated.


Since the launch of their business, they have experienced much support and success. They are very humble, grateful, and willing to help those who are in need. They want everyone to not only love who they are, but to love their natural beauty as well. If you are interested in purchasing their product, it can be purchased on their website