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Darwin Campbell, African-American News&Issues


HEARNE-What would prompt a trigger happy, “bully” cop to shoot down and kill a 93-year old grandmother in cold blood?

Pearlie Golden was a sweet woman known to most people of this predominantly black community as “Miss Sully.” Now she is dead. WHY?

New Black Panther Nation and New Black Muslims leader Quanell X and a concerned group of community leaders want answers to that same question.

That is the reason for a community protest rally to raise questions and demand answers on the killing of Miss Pearlie Golden, a 93-year old great, great grandmother who was shot five (5) times by Hearne Police in her own yard at Pin Oak St & Karney St. in Hearne.

The rally will take place at 12:00-Noon in front of Hearne Police Department, 306 W. 3rd St., Hearne TX. 77859.

According to police reports, the alleged fatal confrontation started when when Ms. Golden’s nephew called cops after he took the elderly woman’s car keys because she no longer has a driver’s license.

She allegedly had a revolver and failed to follow directions and was shot to death by Police Officer Stephen Stem. When she did not, Stem allegedly opened fire on the woman. She died later at a local hospital, according to a report from the Robertson County District Attorneys Office.

William Foster III, lifelong resident, President of the Hearne’s Oversight Committee, and Community Advocate for over 25 years, claims that the City of Hearne has been corrupt for a long time, with discrimination to blacks, violence, voter fraud, and unsolved murders.

It’s time for the people to take a stand,” says Foster.

Alleged shooter Hearne Police Officer, Stephen Stem, who was involved in this shooting, was also involved and cleared by the grand jury of no wrong doing in a previous shooting that resulted in the killing of Tederalle Satchell, in December 2012.

The current shooting is being investigated by the Hearne Police Department, the Texas Rangers and the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office.