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cover10HOUSTON – When 15 year old Kanai Adams started attending Shoot 2 Score Hoops Summer Basketball Camp 8 years ago, he wanted to improve his dribbling and shooting skills. What he didn’t expect as a result of attending the camp was for his grades to improve and to learn the importance of being a team player, both on and off the court.

“Shoot 2 Score has helped me develop as a player and it’s showed me the importance of how little things can get you very far,” the Westside sophomore said. “Little things like encouragement and being a positive team player can really make a difference.”

Adams is one of hundreds of children who attend the Shoot 2 Score Hoops Summer Basketball Camp where they focus extensive training on shooting, dribbling, rebounding and playing sound defense. The 6th annual summer basketball camp began June 9th and will run until August 11sth at Christian Bible Church Gym; 3222 Texas Parkway from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily.

The emphasis on maintaining physical activity, coupled with developing team building

skills, makes Shoot 2 Score Hoops’ Basketball Camps in a class of its own. S2S’s mission statement emphasizes its desire to provide “positive development of underprivileged boys and girls in Houston through basketball and character building programs.”

“Shoot 2 Score helped me realized that my activities off the court comes first,” Adams said. “School and grades are more important.”

Since Adams began attending the camp, his grades have improved and he’s become a leader on his high school’s basketball team.

Shoot 2 Score Hoops founder Marcus Sloan wants all camp attendees to recognize that while basketball and other extracurricular activities are important, excelling academically takes priority.

“It is our hope that participants grow not only academically, but also athletically,” Sloan said. “Student athletes will be able to take these skills and apply them to all of life’s challenges, showing our participants that there is a new avenue towards their dreams!”

Through the weekly four day camp, Sloan said he wants to prepare the athletes to develop in areas other than basketball.

“I want the kids to understand that they can use basketball to facilitate what they want to do in life,” Sloan said. “Whether they want to be an engineer or a teacher, they can use the skills they learn here to achieve those goals.”

In addition to having the opportunity to be seen by AAU and high school coaches each day the kids will have the opportunity to work with camp mentors, comprised of high school coaches, college and professional basketball players.

All camp participants will receive a camp T-shirt, a photo, basketball certificate and other prizes.

To sign-up for Shoot 2 Score’s summer basketball camp or to contribute to youth sponsorship for the camp, please visit, or e-mail your questions to