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My relationship with the Houston Black Real Estate Association, presented the opportunity for me to meet Hope.  Her successful background in sales for over 20 years, helping clients reach their personal and business goals, made it a natural transition to get involved in Real Estate Sales.

To enhance the exemplary, services she presently offer, as a Real Estate Agent, the opportunity presented itself to become a part of United Credit Educational Services. She stated, “Clients usually want more house than their credit will allow them to attain”, she said.  Credit is an essential tool for her clients.

The umbrella of the company is F.E.S or Financial Education Services, Protection Plan. Other services, such as: Life Lock Identity, Wills Trust and Power of Attorney. Digital Lockbox  etc…

Hope adds, most people are afraid to even see their credit reports, so this program provides a middle man.  Becoming a client of this program you would be reporting directly to a credit counselor and Hope would NOT, be involved with your personal business or have access to it without your consent.

Taking a little in-depth and some of the services; DF Lock Box-  Keeps records and online information and the client gets to choose who has access.

Debt Zero- Allows you to use a calculator and counselor, for long term debt resolve and there are several options to choose from.

Bankruptcy- Judgements, Tax Liens, Student Loans, Charge-offs, late payment and medical payments. All the things will and can be a determining factor in qualifying for a home or just getting your house in order for short term purchasing or long term goals. An Attorney will develop all needed documents, on your behalf and provide you and your creditors with hard copies by mail.

Secured Credit Card Services: Non contractual

As you can see, that, to have these services at your fingertips would really be beneficial.  The cost of the services are $87.00 a month and you can cancel anytime.   You can also apply for the  Secure Credit Card for an additional $87.00 month with $2.00 going towards a Youth Financial LiteracyFund! Set up for 8th graders and up. They are on track to fund $100k this year.

The benefits does not stop there.  If you become a member it can be a great business opportunity for you.  So this works two-fold, fix your own credit woes and help others fix theirs! If you choose to become a member and this would be a great fit you will have an,  additional supplementary income, by recruiting others’then the program becomes free for you, after reaching certain requirements.

Hope has a beautiful personality, very easy  to work with and I’m confident if these are the type of services you feel you need, she would be the perfect person to talk to. She’ an Island girl, Born on the island of Mauii to a Military Father and an educator Mother and holds a B.S. from Southwest Texas State University.

Ms. Hope Sampson is a upstanding member of the Acres Home Chamber of Economic and Business  Development Inc., lets support all the business owners in our organization.

Written By: R. Bea. King