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Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News&Issues
Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News&Issues

It was interesting to hear Actress Meryl Streeps make comments at the Golden Globe Award defending the press.

After talking and making remarks about the situation that occurred between then Presidential candidate Donald Trump and a reporter, Streep said. “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence,” she continued. “When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose… We need the principled press to hold power to account, to call them on the carpet for every outrage.”

We Must Understand what respect means and what a “Principled Press” is and not.

Respect is:

First of all, We Must Understand it is incumbent that all elected, government, police and other events-related officials respect the Black Press.

Black Press has suffered most at the hands of White and Black politicians and White media organizations too long, who want to dispel the importance of news from a Black perspective or ignore the significance of reporting it right and accurately or even respecting it enough to report Black news at all.

The Black press is not “fake news”.

It has played an integral role in the development of the Black community and shaped policies from the statehouse to the White House. It has been the catalyst alongside the Black Church in changing the course of history by providing a strong voice, moving political mountains and getting things done.

Historical Principles Defined in Black Press

Frederick Douglas met with Abe Lincoln in the summer of 1863, a Black man of principle and Black Press journalist sought full accountability and to address Black rights and freedom principles to the 12th President of the United States.

He spelled out the following. First that colored soldiers ought to receive the same wages as those paid to white soldiers. Second, that colored soldiers ought to receive the same protection when taken prisoners, and be exchanged as readily, and on the same terms, as any other prisoners, and if Jefferson Davis should shoot or hang colored soldiers in cold blood, the United States government should retaliate in kind and degree without delay upon Confederate prisoners in its hands. Third, when colored soldiers, seeking the ‘bauble-reputation at the cannon’s mouth,’ performed great and uncommon service on the battlefield, they should be rewarded by distinction and promotion, precisely as white soldiers are rewarded for like services.

Douglass, who was also an abolitionist and owned The North Star newspaper campaigned with great principles tirelessly for the emancipation of Negro slaves at a time when it was dangerous for a Black man to speak out on the issue.

In the Life and Times of Frederick Douglass,” p. 484. it was noted that he wrote in his newspaper the following statement. “The very stomach of this rebellion is the negro in the condition of a slave. Arrest that hoe in the hands of the negro, and you smite rebellion in the very seat of its life…The negro is the key of the situation – the pivot upon which the whole rebellion turns…Teach the rebels and traitors that the price they are to pay for the attempt to abolish this Government must be the abolition of slavery…Henceforth let the war cry be down with treason, and down with slavery, the cause of treason.”

Black Press and Streep Ingredients

Douglass fits the Streep ingredients of being the type of “Principled Press”. That definition demands fairness and honest accountability.

The fact that the Black Press in Houston, Dallas and other cities has to literally have to beg, push, shove, yell and make their voices heard over the dominant White press is the ultimate disrespect.

The fact that the Black Press is ignored on notices and media access to events while White media walks right in with full access is totally beyond ridiculous.

Also, it I sheer stupidity on the parts of local, state and federal politicians to want to give us the old “Back of the Bus” treatment of the Jim Crow Era and try to ignore our relevance today.

The Black Press has principles and provides the most honest news that the Black community can use to live and grow by.

At the African-American News and Issues, we report the news in a fair, ethical and professional manner.

It is reflected boldly in our Mission Statement which states:

Without fear or favor, we declare that NEWS will be reported through an analysis on what is happening in our communities. African-American News&Issues is a reliable news source that reports on real time interviews and actual facts. We thoroughly research to make sure everything reported is valid to the best of our ability. We do not make anything up and we always give credit to those where do. We supply valid statistics, and it can be proven that we are #1 and honest in every department when reporting numbers. We are determined to be true to the people to whom this paper belongs to!”

Principles Reflected in No Fear Philosophy

We are not afraid to take on politicians, police, White media, government or community, civic or religious leaders.

We believe in tackling the tough issues with tough questions and providing hard and truth-based answers in each news story that can be thought-provoking and strike like a Cobra or at other times inform and provide a much needed glimpse of our own Black history and how that history connects with us in the present and can be used to determine our future as a race and a people.

Having Principles does not always make one popular, but Respect is earned through a proper handling of actions and news making events with the most sincere truth, trust and honesty.

We Must Understand that being a Principled Press means not have underlying motives, unbalanced reporting or influential partners or biased friends who drive the news or define the meaning of truth and fairness

No More Disrespect

We Must Understand that Streep is right that it is about accountability,

However, that accountability must be doled out fairly, be above the board and belt and apply to all without biases, cover ups or “smooth” talk overs. It must apply to all groups be they Black, White, Red, Yellow, Democrat, Republican, Protestant, Catholic or Jew….

Just as Jim Crow Era passed, All Must Understand with notice that ignoring and disrespecting of Black Press will no longer be tolerated and that we will not be “bullied” or pushed around in media circles by politicians, events organizers, government representatives or White-owned news organizations.

The value of Black Press to the history of Black America is vital and cannot be denied and neither will we allow our access to news be denied.

We are the voice of our Black community and our people deserve access and to be informed and heard on issues affecting our community.

All Must Understand that We will be the “Principled Press” to hold the “Powerful” accountable, and will call them on the carpet for every outrage – especially when it involves the Black community..”