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Photo By Ricky Jason

Beaumont-Blacks need to do a better job electing officials who represent them, according to New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X .

Quanell X made the stunning and critical admonition at a press conference in front of Beaumont Independent School District Headquarters where he called for Superintendent Timothy Chargois and board members to step down.

“Brother we love you, but you’ve got to step down man,” he said. “Do the right thing for the sake of these children.”

It was a call for Chargois, who is Black, to give up his job, no matter the color of his skin. He also blasted the performance of four Black board members – who continue to fight against being replaced.

“I would say to the brother, think of the children first and foremost, think of the damage, the criminal activity and the wrong that took place under your leadership,” Quanell X said.

The district has been under fire for its financial scandals and budget and spending problems – all on Chargois’s watch.

Charogois and the school board are fighting their ouster by the Texas Education Agency and replacement by a conservator and board or managers.

Meanwhile, the district is preparing for a major reduction in force that will let go several hundred teachers and support personnel – placing the quality of education for African-American children further in jeopardy.

Recognizing the issues, TEA held a record review on June 6 to consider if the district’s status should be lowered to Accredited-Probation and whether to elevate the current monitor to a conservator.

Chief Deputy Commissioner Lizzette C. Gonzalez Reynolds announced the status will be lowered and that the current monitor should be elevated to a conservator because the district, “demonstrates serious and persistent deficiencies in the areas of financial management, compliance with legal requirements, and special education.”

“These problems begin with the (Black) men and women who sit on the board of trustees,” he said. “It hurts me to say that because we have fought so hard to put black people in positions of leadership but when you take that position, you can’t think about yourself.”

One of the things he said will be monitored is what happens with the leadership make up and the education of the children after the TEA storm clears.

“I don’t want to see those who don’t look like those of us who are the majority in this district come in from the outside,” he said.