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10155187_10200664531415070_736044939_nOn Monday, April 7th, the family of Alfred Wright, the New Black Panther Party and a host of other supporting organizations,will host a ‘National Rally for Justice for Alfred Wright! The rally will take place at the Texas Rangers office in Jasper, Texas, located at 2188 US Highway 190 West at 12 noon.


This will be the second rally of its kind since Wright’s untimely death in November. Wright disappeared on November 7th and was later found by his father, Rev. Douglas Wright and an independent search team in an area previously searched by local authorities! The first rally took place in February in Hemphill, in Sabine County, Texas, where the crime occurred and the first links of a cover up in the investigation of the crime surfaced.

“In the age of the so-called great ‘war on terrorism’, the story should have become a national story based on what happened to the victim,” said an angry Zayid Muhammad, the party’s east coast based national minister of culture, who will be among the many participating in the rally. “I just got finished participating in a moving tribute to Sarah Collins-Rudolph, a child survivor of the notorious Klan-bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama back in September ’63, where four little girls, including her sister, were killed in that sinister act. Rudolph herself was blinded in one eye from the attack and nearly killed herself.”

This second rally will take place in Jasper, not just because it is the office of the Texas Rangers, whose involvement in the investigation has also been called into question, but because it was also the scene of a Klan-killing in 1998, when a Black resident from the area, James Byrd, was abducted and dragged to his death by Klansmen.

“After presenting her with flowers, I had the painful task of telling this incredible woman, a living testimony to horrible racial terrorism that took place 50 years ago, and that highly moved audience, that the Klan was still active, that they viciously killed this young man in 2013,” Muhammad said. “Now 50 years after she faced that bomb, and authorities are dragging their feet here in this case and playing down the incident just like they did way back then, and that we have to go in ‘by any means necessary’ to get that straightened out,” he finished relating the crime to its historical background of racial terror in the United States.”

Organizers are also seeking to bring together families of other ‘extra-judicial killings,’ meaning here killings by terrorist groups like the Klan, legally protected, but racially-biased, killings like the ‘Stand Your Ground’ killings of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and racially-biased police killings of Black and Latino civilians which have been on an alarming rise in recent years.

Wright was found with his eyes gouged out, an ear cut off and his throat cut. A dime had been placed next to his body, believed to be a marker or a calling card of the KuKluxKlan. The story became a national story, strangely, not on the face of its terroristic character, but on the heels of the victim’s brother Savion Wright being a recent participant in the highly popular performance television show American Idol.

The murder and the unseemly details surrounding the murder emerged shortly before the emergent
performer was eliminated from the competition. It was only national pressure, including an armed demonstration by the NewBlack Panther Party, then led by their fiery leader, the late Khallid Abdul Muhammad, that forced a meaningful federal investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators.

For more information, please the New Black Panther Party National Hotline at 512 931 4018…