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free bing student-debtPresident Michael Sorrell announced that beginning in the fall of 2015, the school would be adopting a new student financial structure that will result in the average on-campus student graduating with less than $10,000 of student loan debt and four years of real world work experience. This innovative educational structure, dubbed the “New Urban College Model” calls for the following: tuition and fees of $14,275 (on campus) and $9,775 (off-campus); the usage of only open source textbooks; Paul Quinn becoming the first urban Work College; a major shift in pedagogy and an expansion of academic offerings; and the opening the Trinity Environmental Academy (the first public charter-private college partnership in the State of Texas).

In addition to these changes, Sorrell also announced that Paul Quinn was being counseled on the move to open source educational materials by Dallas Mavericks owner and legendary entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Cuban, who is on record expressing his concern over the rising costs of higher education, is also working with Sorrell on designing a course on entrepreneurship.

I’m excited to be working with PQC and President Sorrell to help remake the economics of the university experience,” said Mark Cuban. “Our partnership will also include creating a unique approach to teaching entrepreneurship, with any and all materials available under an open source license for other institutions to use.”

When you look at everything we are doing at Paul Quinn College, it is undeniable that the school is becoming a role model in higher education” said Bishop Vashti McKenzie, the Chair of the Board of Trustees. “Addressing the financial realities of our students, 84% of whom are Pell Grant eligible, and expanding their academic options, reflects Paul Quinn’s ability to respond to both the marketplace and our students’ needs. We are extremely excited about our future.”

The New Urban College Model is the product of our Board of Trustees and this staff listening to our students and deciding that we could do more to address both their needs and the needs of our community,” stated Paul Quinn College President Michael J. Sorrell. “We decided that it was no longer acceptable to pretend that higher education’s math equation added up. We think that our students deserve to receive two great academic experiences for the reasonable price of one. This is nation building.”

Paul Quinn College senior, Nkza Campbell, expressed the sentiment of the student body by saying, “It is exciting to be a part of such an innovative and disruptive institution. I, like many students here, transferred into Paul Quinn. We know that it is rare to find a school that actually listens to its students and then acts upon that information. This is part of what makes us special. I am such a proud Quinnite.”

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