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HOUSTON – Recently, the 85th Birthday Gala for Pastor F.N.Williams, Sr. was held at the Crown Plaza North Brook-Hollow Hotel. The planning and serving committees were Chairman Deacon Ronald Morning, Co – chairwoman, Sister Cuney B. Williams, and coordinators, Sister Mara Roberts and Thelma Anderson. Over 600 church family, comittees, family members and friends came out to support and celebrate this special occasion. Entertainmnt included words, songs, and dances of praise that were dedicated to Pastor F.N.Williams, Sr. The speaker of the night was Bishop James Dixon, II. “I am truly grateful for the many pastors and churches, community and civic leaders, the politicians and seated representatives, city, state, and nation wide that gave unqualified support; I would like to send a special appreciation to everyone who helped make my 85th birthday possible. Words cannot express my joy and happiness,” said Pastor Williams. Pastor F.N. Williams has been in ministry for 65 years and in leadership of Antioch MBC for 55 years. Antioch MBC is located at 5902 Beall Street, Houston, Texas 77091. For more information about the church, contact (713) 692-5333.
And now the LORD shew kindness and truth unto you: and I also will requite you this kindness, because ye have done this thing. 2 Samuel 2:6