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MrWe MUST Understand By Roy Douglas Malonson, Chairman

The horror of seeing Michael Brown’s lifeless body lying in the street bleeding after being shot dead by police and to see police standing over him like a trophy kill is alarming to say the least.

I am sure when a Black man gets up in the morning and puts on clothes to go out of the house, the last thing on his mind is getting shot at or killed by police.

Leaving your home today as a Black male and surviving the day is a victory within itself.

The shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri and the choking of Eric Garner in New York signal the new dangers of “Death by Police” in society, especially if you happen to be a Black male.

In the May 26 – June 3, 2014 edition of African-American News&Issues, we warned of the open season on Blacks and the disrespect and lack of compassion the police have for Blacks, especially Black males.

Thanks to some great work by Operation Ghetto Storm, we all stood forewarned about events leading up to the tragic deaths of Brown and Garner that now dominate headlines, talk shows and is lighting up social media.

It is dangerous to be Black in America because the resentment, racism, stereotypes and outright prejudice refuses to subside. It is no longer like waves beating on the shoreline, it has become a great tidal wave lead by law enforcement that threatens to cleanse our communities of African American males in the interest of the future of Democracy.

We MUST Understand the fact that a Black person is killed at the hands of police or vigilante security forces every 25 hours somewhere in America. The trend continues to increase from one ever 28 hours in 2012 to now every 25 hours. That is nearly one Black person every day in 2014!!!

It is clearly open season on Black people and the police are finding some rich killing fields, especially in Texas, Louisiana, California, New York and Illinois.

We cannot and must not be lulled into thinking that it doesn’t affect you. Michael Brown and Eric Garner were Black men. Members of the Black race and part of our Black family!!!

Houston has seen two police killings of Black males similar to Brown and Garner in the person on Michael Garrett Blair and Jordan Baker. Both Black men and both unarmed. Both not threatening anyone when confronted, but ended up with at the funeral home because some cop played God and decided to execute some mother’s baby.

According to the study, most police justify their shooting claiming they “felt threatened” while others like to use the excuse that suspects “lunged”, reached for a waistband or pointed something at them.

The sad part is that much of these shooting are done without holding officers accountable. Many officers see nothing more than a short vacation with pay while investigations are ongoing. Some are allowed to go on business as usual.

A nation wonders why there is no justice and no peace.  You cannot have peace without respect. There are those who do not respect the Black man in the White House. If they disrespect a Black president, you surely cannot expect them to respect a Black man walking on the street. It is a culture of disrespect that can no longer be tolerated.

Civil Disobedience is one of the only ways to organize and send a strong message that police brutality and the repression of Black and Brown communities must end.

It ensures that politicians hear the call for change loud, united and clear.

Our voices are as powerful today as the voices of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Virgil Wood and Daisy Bates and others during the Civil Rights Movement.

It is a great start seeing young people and old alike stand up in solidarity in Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Los Angeles and other cities against the wiles of the police against Black and Brown citizens.

It is time to identify the bad apples, the racist cops, the haters and the Barney Fife’s in police departments and use our power as citizens to demand more screening, mental health testing and more training. We must also demand that elected officials (who are elected by the people) make policy that protects citizens and guarantees prosecution of rogue and trigger happy cops that kill Blacks and Browns.

We MUST Understand the urgency of change and involvement in civil disobedience.

Only People Power Protests Can Save Black & Browns from “Death by Police”

Failing to make that difference now and failure to demand that police chiefs remove and strip the badges from these bad officers means another Black man will be shot down and another mother soon will lose a son.