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For over ten-years, Elaine has been hosting the Firemen’s Ball. The Firemen’s Ball is a formal community and county gala where attendants enjoy a live band and dining experience. It is the only affair of its type in the county. Each year various groups are honored for their selfless acts towards the community. Citizens, women volunteers, administrators, farmers, law enforcement employees are amongst of few of those who have been honored at the event. The upcoming affair will honor first responders. The goal of the Firemen’s Ball is to recognize local unsung heroes in the community.

In 2013, Elaine partnered with Dean Tamara Brown (College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology – PVAMU), Grady Paris (Texas Juvenile Crime Prevention Center – PVAMU) and District Attorney Elton Mathis (Waller County) to co-sponsor, The Gavel Series.  The Gavel Series is a free legal education class which yields a broad range of classes to the community. Forum topics of discussion include: Student Financial Aid Abuse, Social Security and Disability, drug charges and punishment, bankruptcy, credit and debt collection, immigration, Family and Juvenile Law and wills, probate and estates. The team meets quarterly and surveys the community in regards to legal areas of interest that may be of importance to them, and addresses any concerns. The series was inspired by the People’s Law School of University of Houston. In its inception, core members scheduled a meeting in Houston with Richard Alderman of the People’s Law School. Alderman assisted them with laying the groundwork, while one of Elaine’s former-interns’ and PVAMU graduate Taylor Briscoe developed the project. Classes are held in Prairie View’s, Don K. Clark Building from 8am through noon. For more information or details about The Gavel Series, contact (936) 361-5211.


The History Behind the “Justice of Peace”

Over the years, Elaine has been noted for her warming and caring personality. After her first year in office, she chose to display her gratitude towards the generosity of other elected officials and members of their staff. In doing so, she prepared a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner at her office for them. With a thought of continually acknowledging those who have been kind to her, she duplicated the event this year. This time, she extended the courtesy of the dinner to include: Waller County elected officials and their staff members, her interns and those who assist with them, PVAMU campus, law enforcement and anyone who has passed through the office throughout the year.

Other community outreach endeavors that she is responsible for is, an Annual Toy and Thanksgiving Food Drive that commences every holiday season. Each year, toys are given to children, which are done by referrals of families. The Thanksgiving Dinner is RSVP on Thanksgiving Day between noon and 3pm. It is a combined collaborative that she and husband initiated about ten-years ago. Elaine cooks the dinners and her husband delivers to local families. She expressed her appreciation to local residents of the community such as, Marie Lewis, Nora Hodges and others, who have since joined their efforts and donates cakes, dressing and other side items.

Furthermore, in 2006 Elaine wanted her young son to become involved in a local Boy Scouts chapter. Aware of the organization’s history of growth, discipline and scholarship opportunities, she went to a Boy Scout meeting and was referred to the Waller and Hempstead branches. However, she desired a chapter in her area and sought to create her own. After waiting months to receive a charter, ultimately she became Cub Master of Prairie View – Pack 338 and Troop Committee Member of Boy Scout Troop 1906. During that time, she also encouraged Alpha Phi Alpha, Epsilon Lambda Chapter to charter the Troop and Diana Duncan to charter the Prairie View Girl Scouts chapter.

Over the years, Elaine has served in many positions and donated volunteer service to a wealth of organizations. She has served as the past president of the H.T. Jones Elementary PTO, member of the Prairie View Volunteer Fire Fighting Association, worked with the Red Cross, is a charter member for Waller County Alliance for Healthy Life Style Choices and a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. More recently, she has volunteered in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

To date, she has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. In 2013 Prairie View A & M University honored her with a Humanitarian Award for dedication to high humanitarian principles by demonstrating a spirit of love and helplessness to others. She has also delivered the Convocation at PVAMU because of the great influence she has had on the student body. Tentatively, Elaine is in the process of establishing Judge Me Not, Help Me Grow, a non-profit initiative for girls. The organization will focus on empowering the outlook of the, “Whole Girl”, by emphasizing the true talents of a child, starting from early as age three.

Okofo (15), Hon. Elaine, Mr. Frank and Cheikh (17) Jackson

Elaine is married to Mr. Frank Jackson and has two sons, Cheikh (17) and Okofo (15). She attends Mt. Corinth Baptist Church in Hempstead, under the leadership of Pastor Clarence Talley.

When asked of any advice to the African-American community, Elaine revealed the following. “In life you will make mistakes, but it’s up to you how you learn from them. Just know that God doesn’t give us anything that we can’t handle.” Continuing, she stressed emphasis on the importance of taking time to adhere to solid counsel and wisdom. She stated, “Sometimes we have a plan and then there are those that God guides us through, by using others. My major was chosen for me, my first career was chosen by someone else.” “But, I believe that every step in my life was preparing me for the next one,” she added.

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