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Patiencethe capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.
It is said that patience is a virtue, but that virtue can be tested in a relationship, negotiation or partnership if one party fails to keep its end of an agreement or postpones an action that stalls talks or reopens past issues.
Over a month ago, the Houston Astros and Publisher Roy Douglas Malonson came to an understanding that would bring the publisher and Houston Astros Owner Jim Crane to the table for talks.
The meeting was suppose to be a simple meeting between Mr. Malonson and Mr. Crane.
What started initially as an attempt to get press credentials to cover Blacks playing baseball and escalated into insults and negative exchanges that have since calmed because of some dialog. However, even with Astros Media Vice President Gene Dias meeting the publisher and opening a dialog he said would lead to the face to face meeting with Jim Crane. Still, nothing has happened.
Now what he hoped was the start of a positive partnership between the African-American News&Issues and the Houston Astros to bring more positive interaction between our community and the team is now in danger of crumbling because patience has been tested.
Dias has promised that the meeting is still being worked out since Crane has been out of town on a business trip for the past several weeks.
“Busy people find time to have important meetings with people,” Publisher Roy Douglas Malonson said. “We have been patient, but this has tested patience and good will and now here we go again.”
No proposed dates have even been suggested or offered for meeting with Crane making the situation more complicating.
“The procrastination and playing games is proof that the Houston Astros think that we will just cool off and walk away,” Roy Douglas Malonson said. “First the insult over media credentials and now 4 to 5 weeks of waiting without an answer. That is insulting to our patience.”
He said this becomes a clear example of the premise that if the Houston Astros back up on their words, shun the publisher and fail in their responsibilities to meet, it clearly shows disrespect to the publisher and reflects disrespect to the average Black fan from the community who buys tickets and supports and loves the team. Publisher Roy Douglas Malonson said despite patience being taken to its limits, he wants to make this request to Jim Crane and the Houston Astros as clear, professional and in the kindest way possible.
“We demand a meeting with in the next two weeks,” he said.
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photo credit David Kohl, AP