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Lille Schechter –

HOUSTON- Lille Schechter was selected to lead the Harris County Democratic party in the now Blue County dominated by Democratic leadership in almost every elected office.
She now has the daunting challenge of uniting and energizing a more Progressive Black and Hispanic voter base and holding the reigns of influence with the more traditional establishment wing of the party- all in a President Donald Trump era of national politics.
“I will not use the party as a personal platform to run for another office,” she told the African-American News and Issues. “The chair’s efforts must be fully dedicated to electing Democrats and building the party and I will not stray from that mission.”


She has been a political strategist and fundraiser who has advised local and national Democratic candidates for nearly a decade.
A University of Texas graduate, she has deep family roots and political history in the party as a native Houstonian and 7th generation Texan.

The Challenge Ahead

According to party detractors, there is a rocky transition going on in the underbelly of the party that the public is not aware of. It is the changing of the guard that is seeing the rise of the younger “Progressives” and the demise of the “Old Guard” county Democrats.
Progressive Democrats believe now is the time to reinvent the party on a statewide and national level after President Donald Trump’s election. However, the old guard elements want to play politics with the party and keep things “business as usual”.
The so-called “Powers that be” are trying to look over new ideas and new blood in the party and are trying to direct the community in their own way – that has ruffled the feathers of the new progressives and young millenials in the party.
Another problem is despite the party’s November surprise, it has apparently failed to be totally inclusive and protective of its electorate.

Game Plans
As leader, Schechter plans to implement her vision called Harris County 2020 that involves serving two terms to build the party’s base and help turn the state Blue. That plan promises to be active in engaging local races at local levels and keeping the momentum and candidates who successfully were elected in November and extend Democratic power locally to other state legislative, city council and county and trustee positions.
She also has a plan to empower precinct chairs and help them understand their roles and influence on communities in improving cooperation and making the party great.
Schechter also wants to bring full-time professional staffs to the office to help improve efficiency and operations within the office.


By: Darwin Campbell