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24425526_SAUntil Justice is served, the family of Alfred Wright will not rest.

That is why April 7 is  another day the family and the New Black Panther Party will send another strong message in the form or a demonstration demanding justice in the case.

“The manner in which the Sabine County Sheriff Department and Texas Ranger Danny Young has handled the investigation into the murder of Alfred Wright appears to clearly be a cover up and criminal,” said Krystal Muhammad, National Chair of the New Black Panther Party. “The people demand justice now.” 

The rally will take place at the Office of Texas Ranger Danny Young, 2183 US Hwy 190 West in Jasper.

Alfred Wright, 27, a popular physiotherapist, went missing last Nov. 7. He was found 18 days later, not by law enforcement authorities, but by his father and supporting friends who were not pleased with the how authorities conducted orginal searches. It lasted on four days with no results.

According to his father, Rev. Douglas Wright, Alfred was found with his eyes and tongue cut out with his ear cut off and his throat cut and a dime found near the body. A dime near a murdered corpse is considered an unofficial marking usually used by the Ku Klux Klan, according to many blacks living in that area.

Local authorities quickly concluded after and autopsy that Wright died from an apparent drug overdose, reporting that his body was loaded with heroin, meth amphetamines. That autopsy did not include and disregarded the trauma and mutilation as nothing more than a consequence of animal and insect activity.

The Wright family was not satisfied with the report and conducted an independent autopsy and that report declared that Wright was a homicide victim, having suffered blunt trauma to the head neck.

“This was definitely murder and definitely foul play,” Douglas Wright said. “It is cover up of some kind.”

The move for justice in Wright’s case is gaining national traction in the Black community. Representative from the National Black United Front, Houston and the families of Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Kendrick Johnson and Oscar Grant are now aware of and have conferenced and locked arms in unity with the Wright family.

“There is no rest until justice is served,” said Kofi Taharka, NBUF, Houston. “We will keep it coming and keep on coming until truth and justice prevail.”