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1403093691-1In order to “get” and “keep” the edge in your market and amidst your competition, you must create your own success. In order to make a difference, you must produce the difference. In order to make a change in your environment, you must become the change you seek.National Sales Network is the ONLY choice if you plan to be a “Difference Maker” and a “Game Changer” in your market! As a network of savvy sales professionals and enterprising entrepreneurs, we ARE the results of every business that plans to not only survive, but THRIVE! As an organization, we ARE the tools, resources, and opportunities to help grow your career results – so get the edge and take the lead.

Our core mission is to meet the professional and development needs of the Sales and sales management professional by:

Becoming the organization of choice for the  Sales professional in fact…any professional

Providing career and skill development programs for sales professionals

Providing a forum through which sales professionals can network within their profession

Encouraging the pursuit of sales careers

Empowering Members and Families through community involvement and service

By getting actively involved with NSN, you benefit directly by:

Developing and sharpening core skills to accelerate your career growth and business results

Gaining access to an extensive network of professionals who can add value to your rolodex

Building relationships with key decision makers within our corporate sponsor network

Accruing discounts at local education events and the annual conference

Cultivating cross functional skills that will add value to your personal and professional life

Register for the National Sales Network 18th Annual Conference & Career Fair in Dallas, TX on August 6 – 9, 2014 at the Downtown Hyatt Regency.  Enjoy breathtaking views of the Dallas Metroplex.  Participate in the #1 diversity career fair in the country for sales and sales management professionals.  For more details on registration and hotel, go to