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black children in schoolHOUSTON-The NAACP Houston Branch on behalf of a broad based community coalition filed an Original Petition for Injunctive Relief and Application for Temporary Restraining Order against Houston Independent School District for violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act. 

Plaintiffs, Dr. James Mathew Douglas and Carol Mims Galloway allege that HISD failed to give the public the required seventy-two (72) hours notice when it pulled a “bait and switch” action to place the repurposing of Jesse H. Jones High School on its March 13, 2014 school board agenda. 

Officials at HISD were not unavailable for comment on Wednesday concerning the NAACP action.

The plaintiffs argue that the agenda only gave notice that the consolidation of high schools was to be addressed; it failed to give notice that the repurposing of Jesse H. Jones was to be addressed; essentially disallowing the ability for individuals to intelligently speak on the new subject matter being presented to the public.

The coalition of civil rights and social justice community organizations, ministers and parents demand accountability and equity in educating minority students in HISD. 

HISD’s recent acts of school closures and consolidation of schools in minority communities demonstrate a blatant discriminatory practice of educational inequity. 

The NAACP strongly argues that HISD inadequately educates minority students in the district and it is producing a large cadre of minority students who are underprepared for the workforce. 

This is a detriment not only to the individuals concerned; but the entire Houston community and the State of Texas.