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By: Kiyaurie X.

The legendary and heroic Michael Guinn has been the glue to keeping social awareness alive since 1997. Born and raised in Jacksonville Texas, Michael Guinn is known best for his exceptional southern hospitality. Mr. Guinn started out as a CPS Investigator where he spent 6 years protecting children and rebuilding families. From there, Mike began to write his ideas, emotions, and experiences down onto paper. Focusing on his challenging experiences and encounters, Mike began to make an entrepreneurial difference in society. Mike has dedicated his life passionately to promoting childhood and prevention, social awareness, HIV awareness, and also relationship issues that arise in our society. Michael Guinn is truly in love with his work and he never hesitates when it comes to sharing his gift with the world. Mike holds these following titles with style and dignity: National Poet, Host, Facilitator, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Phenomenal Father, Event Coordinator, and as time progresses, we are sure that his list will never end. Not only is Mike the mastermind and architect behind Fort Worth National Poetry Slams and The DFW Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slams in DFW, Michael Guinn is the loving Co- Founder of the National Poetry Awards. (Fort Worth National Poetry Slams was founded December 12th, 2000)


I remember researching Dallas Poetry on my search engine and finding Michael Guinn’s phenomenal work online. I excitedly called Mike for the first time last year around this exact time in January. I sang to him over the phone and recited a new poem that I had just recently wrote entitled, “Look at How They Stretch Across the Sky.” Mike’s reaction was priceless and he immediately welcomed me with open arms from over the phone, I could tell right then and there how sincere he was from just briefly speaking with him from over the phone. Mike asked if I could be the opening act for his upcoming show entitled “Brown Skin Part II.” Little did he know this moment changed my life forever, it gave me this irreplaceable confidence that I will never let go of, thank you Michael Guinn.

Your character is truly golden and irreplaceable. From there on, I continue to follow Mike heroically, his creative events prove that happiness and peace are sustainable. Mike is always open to new talents, his events are specifically designed to showcase artist who are striving for success, as well as the importance of social awareness and health issues within our communities.


On Saturday, January 20th 2018 at 3pm, Michael Guinn will be hosting a free event discussing mental health entitled: “The LAB Presents: A Brand New You.” “The LAB invites you to be apart of a vibrant and highly informative community conversation about being a better version of you. Come join others seeking to share experiences, advice, and support this high energy meeting of the minds. Bring business cards and an open mind.” (3535 Marvin D. Love Freeway, Dallas Texas) “This event provides a positive, friendly and emotionally rewarding discussion platform where folks are encouraged to talk about their dreams, hopes, wishes, and goals. Gain valuable insight, new approaches or old ideas, and artistic enlightenment that can help you. The village is real. Come see!” – Michael Guinn


Michael Guinn has accomplished the completion of over 1,300 shows and counting. Every Tuesday night, you are sure to find Mike at the Doc Shop in Fort Worth on Meadow-brook Drive, where he is sure to be hosting a beautiful night of Open Mic, open to the public for all ages, Mike is living his dream.“You must build from scratch. Have a clear plan, your vision, ideas, keep in mind that everyone will not support. Create a platform and strong structure. Be meticulous, and maintain your


integrity. Your reputation holds value. Be cost effective, if you don’t have a budget, find a sponsor. Pay your artist!” Mike Guinn continues to travel all around the world promoting awareness and fighting illiteracy. “Mike has appeared at some of the country’s most distinguished spoken word venues including the Berkeley Poetry Slams, The Poetry Lounge of Los Angeles, Pasano’s Houston, The Apache Cafe, South Flavas, Austin Slams, Puro Slams, Toronto, Seattle Slam, The Blumenthal Charlotte, The Majestic theater in Dallas, Sacramento, Oakland, etc.” (


As Michael Guinn continues to strive past the moon, he continues his entrepreneurial work with numerous school districts and colleges nationwide. Mike will continue to promote positivity, talent, and social awareness until the wheels fall off! Mike currently holds the Image award presented from the NAACP two years in a row. This brand new year of 2018, Mike simply wants to spend more time with his fourteen year old daughter. “I am constantly thinking about her, she deserves it all.” For more information about Michael Guinn and his upcoming events, visit or follow him on face-book at Michael Guinn.

Be Blessed