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Houston- At 17, Marqus Clae has accomplished so much already, and he is just getting started. Born and raised all over the Southside of Houston, Clae grew up in a household who loved music. This love then became a part of him, and has made him into the artist that he is today. Although he has ventured out into acting, he made it known that music is his first love.










One artist that truly inspires Clae is Tupac, because of what he stood for, and everything he did while he was alive. He is also inspired

by artist such as Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Nas, Rakim, Eminem, Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, Snoop, Dre, Easy-E, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Joey Badass. All of these artists have had some kind of positive influence on his music, and who he is as an artist.


Clae defines his music as “true artistry.” He expressed, “From the people I look up to and the people who have influenced me, I try to take what they did, and put it into my own way… I am big on being a true artist…and try and stay in tact with that and don’t fall off with being original and being the MC that I know I am, and who I’ve studied so long to become.”


His first debut mix tape was released this year titled The Ghetto Poet, which was produced by BlaqnMilD. This mix tape has helped him transition from being a kid artist into one who is now targeting a mature audience. The name of the mix tape is a reflection of what he stands for and where he has come from. “I come from a story that’s not pretty, and I express it through my poetry, so I consider myself “The Ghetto Poet.” Clae is very proud of this mix tape, and he is confident that many people will love the music that he has worked so hard on. “I put my best foot forward…and there’s many more good music come.”


With any success, there are always trials and tribulations that come with it. One obstacle that Clae has faced is not being accepted as a lyricist, and people not believing that he writes his own music. Another issue has been his age. Because he is so young, a lot of people may think his music is cliché and non believable. Although he faces these challenges, he’s not going to let them stop him. He uses them as stepping-stones in order to elevate to the next level.

In addition to music, Clae was casted in the new TV series Shots Fired, which stars Sanna Lathan, Stephan James, Stephen Moyer, and many other phenomenal actors and actresses. “It was unexpected…it was an overwhelming feeling. I never thought that I would be acting this early in my career so that was a blessing, and I am forever grateful for that opportunity.” It was a surreal feeling for him, but he was able to work alongside a great cast who took him under their wing, and gave him great advice and words of encouragement. “It was a beautiful experience,” expressed Clae.


The advice that Clae has for others is to “work hard, practice, and pray. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t get caught up into the things that glitter because everything that glitters isn’t gold. Keep a level head and make smart decisions because the world right now is out of hand.” With so much going on in the world, Clae feels that the world is what you make it. He believes that God placed everyone here for a purpose, and everyone has his or her own trials and tribulations that they must face. “For today’s world, you have to take it as it comes,” expressed Clae.














In regards to his goals, one thing he wants to do is to make sure that he stays true to who he is, and to never forget his morals and values. Clae described himself as charismatic, humble, and determined. He used charismatic because he’s a very outgoing person and people tend to flock to his character due to his optimistic spirit. He is humble because of how he was raised, and because his mom told him the importance of being humble in any situation. The last word he used was determined. “I’m determined because I am a hard worker, and when I put my mind to something, I’m going to go through with it.”



Clae is also in a new TV series, which will debut in 2018 called Cloak &Dagger, which is part of the Marvel series. He is also working on a new tape called PTS, which is relatable to everyone because the focus is on those who are going through obstacles in their life. He is very excited for this new project, and expressed that it will be in “dope hip-hop savvy form.”


Marqus Clae is focused, and very passionate about what he does. He has a good head on his shoulders, and he is doing great things, and will continue to elevate in his journey. Stay tuned, because this will not be the last time that you hear from Marqus Clae!

By: Chelsea Davis-Bibbs