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HoustonJe’Caryous Johnson stated, “We broke records tonight Houston. I am proud and honored to announce we have the highest selling production to ever hit the Houston Hobby Center.” Johnson’s play Married But Single Too hit the city of Houston, which is also his hometown. A product of Acres Homes, Johnson was ecstatic due to the success of his play.

Every seat was filled, and the audience truly enjoyed their night of entertainment. Johnson and his cast did not disappoint as many people left the play highly satisfied. With over 19 years of experience under his belt, Johnson’s play will be the talk of the city for a while. In the play, he had some well-known actors and actresses. The show included; LisaRaye McCoy, Chante Moore, Bill Bellamy, Carl Payne, Tony Grant, La’Myia Good (Sister of Meagan Good), and Skye Griffin.

The play focused on the life of Sharon Wilson (LisaRayye McCoy) and her marriage to her rising R&B star husband Julian (Tony Grant). The marriage is in jeopardy as Julian has neglected his wife for his music career. She has tried to do everything in her power to save her marriage, but when rumors spread of Julian’s infidelity, Sharon is left to give Julian two options, which is to end his career, or end their marriage. Because of Julian’s inability to make a decision, Jackson (Bill Bellamy), an old lover, comes back into the picture and he gives her the attention that she’s been missing from her husband. Even though Sharon is married, her actions make her single too.

If one truly looks at the play, there are many things that this play exposed. Firsat and foremost, it exposed the struggles that some people may go through in a marriage. Being married is not easy, and many couples are faced with problems that may leave their marriage hanging by a thread. In addition, it showed the hard work and dedication it takes in order to rebuild a broken marriage.

The cast was phenomenal, and the audience was even shocked and went crazy when Lenny Williams came out and performed his song Cause I Love You. This tour is not over yet as the cast will hit the states, Washington, California, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio.

By: Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed.