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bizOscar Jelks did not know that his love for landscaping would shape up into a successful business.

After having little success find work, he started caring for his mother’s lawn.

That work became somewhat of a signature of his green thumb and creative spirit and soon a few in his neighborhood requesting his services.

“I wanted to work, so I just got out there and started doing it,” he said. “It was important for me to use my skills and I discovered that I had a real talent for doing yard work.”

Established in 1993, Landscapes by Oscar has been a business that has a solid reputation for customer service in providing lawn care and landscaping services.

He has been a member of chamber since 2013.

Jelks recalls starting out with one lawnmower that belonged to his mother. He got so busy with requests that he had to set aside money to buy his own equipment.

From there, his small business began growing until he moved from just cutting grass to doing landscaping for homeowners. His dedication to quality work and professional and timely manner led to him into getting his first commercial contracts and he has never looked back.

Even after going through a tough period in the business where a contract got slim and caused him to foot the bill for many of his business expenses, it was Jelks love and talent for landscaping that kept him moving forward and it is that same spirit that makes him strong today.

“I love what I do and believe in doing things right,” Jelks said. “I put my name on everything I do and I want it to be the best.”

Since starting out humbly, his work has expanded from grass cutting and lawn care to tree cutting also.

He employs about 4 workers and makes sure each understands the value of hard work and understand what it means to step back, have pride in your work and appreciate the value of hard work.

One of his main objectives in his business  is to give people a chance who may not have the opportunity to have a solid work history or had some issues in the past.

“I try to look at things like Jesus and do what he would do in helping others,” he said. “It is up to the individual after that to follow through and make good on that opportunity.”

Today, his business is thriving offering trimming, tree cutting, hauling and pruning, painting and pressure washing, flower beds, and some plumbing and ceramic and tile.

His goal is to pass onto the next generation a group of men who have been trained to be leaders and who will stress the importance of hard work and education.

“Education is valuable,” he said. “It is my goal to teach and encourage as many of our youth to take advantage of every opportunity to do better and get better.”

To contact Landscapes by Oscar to see how Jelks can serve you call 713-213-4761.