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The Standard View
By: Billy “Hollywood” Groves who is also the Publisher of Groves Standard Newspaper

The problems facing modern day Americans of color are real dangerous and confusing.  We all know “Driving while Black” is a real problem for any black or brown person driving at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Racism is a high priority in America, it’s an unspoken rule that American law enforcement has a problem with minorities especially Black people.  What I’ve noticed during my lifetime is that those people in positions of power who abuse citizens of color, like to commit their crimes and never be held accountable for their negative behavior. In other words “They like to throw a rock at you and hide their hands”.

As a Civil Rights Activist and Freedom Fighter I will always speak out against negative behavior directed at my people.  At a recent Crockett, Texas City Council meeting, Crockett police Chief Buddy Cross falsely accused me and Dr. Ianthia Fisher of disrupting the City Council meeting.  Cross untruly said we were talking loud and causing problems for the Mayor and the Council members.  That was a lie and a false accusation coming from a man who has an unstable history of racist and unfair behavior toward black people. I am fearless and as a freedom writer I will always speak out and expose fake people in positions of power.

First of all Chief Cross was out of place when he made his comments, which caught everybody by surprise.  He is not the leader of Crockett or the presiding officer of the City Council; he is a public servant who works for the citizens of Crockett.   The truth be told, from my perspective, Buddy Cross is a racist who has openly displayed that position.  We need some fair and strong American law agency to come in and examine the records and actions of this man.  I promise you, they will find out that Cross is a dysfunctional bigot and has no business whatsoever in law enforcement.

Buddy Cross followed the brilliant career of Jimmy Fisher who retired a few years ago as Chief of Police of the City of Crockett after decades of great service to the citizens of Crockett.  Fisher was the first African American and the only African American to serve in that position.  Cross, who served under Fisher before he left “under controversy” and went to another city’s police department, has since come back to Crockett and unfortunately was appointed Police Chief of Crockett.

Cross started his new career as Police Chief by firing and removing all but one of the African American police officers who had been serving for years, although Crockett has more Black people than any other race, this didn’t appear to matter to Cross.  He then proceeded to mass arrest and hassle Black people on a large scale all over the city.   Complaints against this man and his officers have been numerous, but these complaints have never been addressed.  Police officers under Buddy Cross’s direction have violated so many blacks and poor people’s civil rights until it’s unbearable.

I have four people who were at the January City Council meeting, as well as the Mayor and the City Council who know we broke no laws.  I have no fear of any person or person on this earth, if someone has a personal problem with me, contact me and I will meet you and handle our business!

Lately I’ve been receiving racist letters in the mail.  I don’t know who is sending them, may people, many people have suggested that Cross’s racist sympathizers may be involved.  Those people obviously don’t want the public to know who they are.  My recommendation is that whoever is reading this information and they have doubts about the truth of this matter, please come to Crockett, Texas and do your own private investigation and “The truth will set us all free.”

Since our super inept racist President Donald Trump came into power with his claims of “making America great again”, people like Chief Cross have really stepped up with their racist behavior.  Additionally, another complaint that I hear regularly from Crockett residents is, “when people write or file grievances and complaints against Cross and his police officers, Cross takes their letters and throws them into a trash can”.

As a leader and a member of America’s media, I will always voice my concerns and speak out loud and let the world know when wrong doing is happening to our people.  Police officers hold important roles in our nation, they are to be respected, but when you have racist police who are abusing their power, then they should be removed.  We must stop this problem.  God Bless America.